Touge Monster:: RTA-Project180

March 2011,

Touge Monster Stage 1

Subject: RTA-Project 180

It’s been a long time coming, though I am finally ready to make a come back! I have been away for quit some time; my last build was an 06′ RSX type-S. Moving forward, I went off and bought a 2007 Honda S2000. (My GOD was that a dream car of mine!)

A brief History: Back in 2009 I received a “new” job out on the corn field of Nebraska. By Summer of 2010, I was ready to come home. Couldn’t take the cold, bad roads, and no street scene. Plus there were no palms trees! lol.

Then, October 4th, 2010 I was blessed with a little man by the name of Jacob. (He changed my life.)

I have always been the Honda guy, never saw passed it. KA,FD,AP2… Loved it all. Though I wanted to try something different. Being a past employee of Kami Speed, I learned alot. As time passed through the office Billy would play Touge Battles over and over again. I miss those days… watching those videos made me realize what I really wanted. I wanted to compete in RTA, (Redline Time Attack.) Building a well balanced car has been a dream of mine for years. But with all the blessings I’ve had in the past, ultimately family came first. So now that all my ducks are in a row, all my “I’s” are dotted, and “T’s” crossed; it’s time make my day dreaming tuner  days a reality.

With the help of Kami Speed, and other friends like CARisma, I plan on building one of the most aggressive Touge Monster the east coast has to offer.

Finding a chassis was a little harder then I thought it was going to be. Luckily, an old man was giving his up for $900 bucks! The motor over heated a bit, but the chassis was in good shape non the less. The interior was a mess & the rear hatch window was missing. All-in-all, it needed a face lift.

Stage 1: Getting the Chassis ready.

Getting the chassis ready was not fun. My good friends at CARisma are helping me prep the chassis for a complete make over. (Gutting/Chassis Reinforcement/Panel replacement/Glass removal/ Aero replacement/ Ten point roll cage.) Ultimately, our main goal is to gett the chassis as light weight as possible. Pictures of the build will continue to be posted; Aero parts are already on there way. Be on the look out for 40+ Front Fenders, 50+ Rear Fenders, Vented hood, 11 pound doors, JDM Front & so much more!!! IM EXCITED! If you don’t know who I am, I can’t wait to meet ya.


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