Trouble in JDM land: ARC files for Bankruptcy

One of the quintessential “rare JDM” companies is going out of business. ARC international recently declared bankruptcy, after what seemed like months of declining business. We are all saddened to lose such an innovative and unique company… who will fill the sexy intake airbox, radiator/intercooler greatness, and titanium everything galore void left by them? Hopefully this is a restructuring process but so far no clear information is being released, read bellow for the official US press release:

We are saddened to announce that one of our performance parts suppliers has begun bankruptcy process in Japan. Currently all existing orders will either be fulfilled or canceled depending on the time the orders were made. Currently there is no additional information regarding ARC and its future. Any additional information we receive will be relayed to dealers immediately. Our current inventory of ARC products is still available for purchase, but a hold has been placed on restocking. Concerns regarding your existing ARC product orders, or concerns regarding our current ARC inventory, please contact your sales representative.



2 thoughts on “Trouble in JDM land: ARC files for Bankruptcy

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