Tuner Queen:: Ms. Lilly

At the average automotive performance shop you will find various things on display: lightweight performance wheels, turbo kits, suspension components, aero kits, bucket seats, and other car accessories among other things.  And usually most of these performance shops are run and operated by dudes!  But you’ll be surprise that at Kami Speed, you’ll find more than just car parts and dudes behind the desk.  What about a “Hot Asian” in a performance shop offering you a wide selection of performance products [where do I sign up].  Dream come true, huh?  It just can’t get any better than that, right?  Well, for this month we feature  Our Tuner Queen that goes by the name Ms. Lilly. Shes a beautiful and smart girl with aspirations of becoming a teacher [get it MS. Lilly?!?!?!], though shes enjoying her youth and modeling. Also check out her sexy tattoos!!! They’re hidden for the most part but thats the excitement, maybe we’ll see them in their entirety on the next photo shoot? 😉 Leave a comment bellow and let me know what you guys think. Also if you like the pictures and the model let us know, maybe we’ll get a mini series with the exquisite Ms. Lilly?

Do you see yourself doing this for the long term?

Probably not, I just like to do this for fun. Its not something I see myself doing for a long time.

So did modeling come naturally to you?

I guess you can say that. I’ve never had any special training or anything.

What is the best part about being a model besides cameras snapping at you nonstop?

Um……. Is there really a better part than cameras snapping nonstop? Lol. I guess all the perks that come with the territory is nice too. Free stuff is always nice.

I know I kinda asked already but do you see yourself making a career out of modeling?

Modeling is fun for now, but I’m not getting any younger, so I’m just gonna keep having fun while it lasts.

Outside of modeling, do you have any other career aspirations?

I’m in school now, so hopefully I’ll be a teacher one day.

On a typical weekend, where can we find you / what are you doing when you’re not modeling?

Usually I’ll be hanging out with my boyfriend [BOOOOOO] doing normal stuff. Running errands, hanging out with family, watching basketball, etc.

What do you have a weakness/softspot for?

Kids and PUPPIES!!!!!

Ok… so now to the fun questions, Top or bottom?

Both. I like to change things up. Keep things interesting.

Good answer haha, so what do you wear to sleep?

Um…… PJs? Lol.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself:

Interesting fact: I’m really not that interesting.

What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done?

Shoot for Inside Kami? =D

Major Turn-ons?


And Turn-offs?

“Guidos”…….. “F.O.B.s” …….. If you’re one of those, you know exactly what I’m talking about.




Welcome Back to K.U.:: Session 5- Replica Vs Real

Subject:: Kami University

Topic: Replica V.S. Fake


So I came across a Video made by WedsSports; it tests the strength and resistance between Replica and Real Wheels. I won’t go into to much detail, I’ll let the video do the talking. I hope you enjoy!!



I hope NO ONE gets offended by this video. Just wanted to share. Drive safe Kami Fans.

Part 2 – 2011 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

So maybe you were inspired by my last post and you drove yourself to St. Petersburg. Or maybe not.. I think the Inside Kami Executives took the day off so I held things down. I know you can’t all make it, we have readers from all over the world so hopefully I can summarize it for you. Not just with a few words but with some of the photos from the hundreds I took.

The event this year was just as good as prior years if not better given the great weather (no rain). Again, the World Challenge races caught my attention all weekend. These are cars you see on the street and the drivers have come up through the grass roots events. Some of the race teams competing in the World Challenge are even  family owned teams. You can feel the passion and see the home grown skills in the paddock area with what looks like a group of friends wrenching on their car in their boys apartment complex parking lot. Just like anything there is a range.. from home grown to top dollar as you work up the classes. The Truspeed team and their GT3’s are SiCK!!  Reinforces my need to own a 911 in 5 years but just like my budget would have to change to own one…  so would yours to compete with them.

I am rambling on now so I will wrap it up… the sights, sounds, smell are all so intense at these events. The crowds that follow Indy Car are insane.  All three days, I was all in the first day, few hours on Saturday and again all day Sunday. Each day relaxing and looking for new spots to shot in the process, taking it all in. Strangely peaceful despite the scream of 10,000+ RPM. Something you have to experience if you haven’t yet. So with that… more photos that I felt worthy.

James Luedde – Fotoset Photography

Part 1 – 2011 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

So today marked the opening of the IZOD Indycar Series with the start of the 2011 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. Today was, for the most part practice, with the exception of some qualifying rounds for the World Challenge Series and the USF2000 Series. No need to kill you with those details, you can get all that online elsewhere.

I like the Friday practice sessions as a spectator and photographer. It’s laid back, the crowd isn’t out of control, it gives you some flexibility to move around and check things out. Sunday will be a free for all for sure so if you plan on going then scope out a nice spot early. Prior years I was on the outside of the fence shooting with all the other spectators. One thing I realized being able to access areas with my handy photo bib was that it really just gives you access to shoot the same shots as all the other credentialed photogs. To me that’s boring… I really liked the challenge of getting that winning shot as an underdog. Today I found myself wandering back to the spectator side to shoot.

Ok so enough about my viewpoints on that… The Indycars are cool, sick, fast… the culture that follows is one for a rock star. You can feel it when you are in the pits. But for me the World Challenge cars are where it’s at. Take a street car and go racing. Just add $100K right!  So here are a few shots from today. If you are in town be sure to check out the event. There is also drifting exhibitions, air stunt shows, the Honda tent displaying all the latest Honda products and more. I will be there taking it all in. Next update on Sunday…

James Luedde – Fotoset Photography

CAR Magazine Crashes Ferrari FF


Shortly after announcing that he intended to demonstrate “just how committed to the throttle you can be on a very twisty narrow road that shouldn’t suit this car,” Bovingdon managed to bash the FF off of a curb. According to CAR, the damage was limited to both wheels on the passenger side. We’re guessing the repairs likely cost more than the tester’s fancy sunglasses, but not by much.

Haha no offense but the diver didn’t seem to concentrated on his driving. Thats what happens when you take a $325,000 car lightly.


Not as bad as an actual crash but damn that its one nasty dent…

(>.< )V