“February 2011 Ronin” Justin G’s S14

Subject: Justin

Location: Orlando, Florida

Topic: Ronin of March

Welcome back one and all to another exciting month of Ronin. Please don’t forget, if your are interested in becoming a Ronin; Please contact us.

Up next for the month of February, is a local hero by the the name of Justin. With his slick s14, he is bound to turn heads. Though not big into the drift scene, this daily driven tuner is more then passionate about his Silvia! He has worked with companies such as CARisma & Kami Speed to keep his JDM style clean & complimentary.  This full time student works hard to keep his s14 in prestige condition! You do us proud sir.  As for now, his future build is uncertain, but we are glad to see a simply clean ride representing the Florida street scene.

Mods kept confidential.

Thanks for looking. Drive Safe Kami Fans.

If you are interested in becoming next months Ronin, Please contact me @

Email: Perez_Adam@Ymail.com


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