The Event:: RPM Meet/UTI Coverage………Disappointed?

Welcome one and all to another disappointment.  Before you judge this post, please read the article in its entirety.   Now, I am a BIG FAN of those tuners out there that love to throw meets, shows, events and such.  So don’t misunderstand what I am trying to say.  ITS THE SCENE.


Walking through the event, I must say I was not happy about the turn out.  Replica here, Replica there.  Rice, Rice, and more Rice.  I understand our economy is in a cycle of sh*t, but should that be our excuse?  I was proud of some of those tuners out there doing their best representing themselves.  And so we took the pleasure of shooting some of you and posting your car in this article (we’re sorry if we missed anyone or couldn’t post you up).  For all those true tuners out there I salute you.

Define a True Tuner:: Is a true Tuner just about expensive parts? Or is it all about being passionate about your car?  If I were to judge myself, I would tell you I am a True Tuner.  Maybe because I believe in all those companies out their that truly put time and money into the final product.  Developing the newest strongest/lightest wheel, or that amazing slick Aerodynamic wide-body JGTC kit.  What I can’t stand is all those replica/fakes companies that snatch all that HARD WORK (R&D) away.  THANK YOU BEN AFFLECK!!!

Personally, I hope to see a change soon in the FL tuner scene.  Or I will make sure to put you on the spot.  Keep an eye out for my newest articles called “BUSTED”.  If you’re caught faking it, I’m going to shoot it!  For all those True Tuners out there, keep it coming!  Thank You RPM Events for hosting this meet and all the show sponsors for doing what you do.  Florida needs a face lift in the True Tuner perspective.  We need your help!

Disclaimer:  The articles and opinions written by its members, authors, and editors are not the sole views or opinions of InsideKami and KamiSpeed.


33 thoughts on “The Event:: RPM Meet/UTI Coverage………Disappointed?

  1. Josh says:

    Ummm…And where is your car Adam? I don’t recall you ever building a car? The last car you built was an RSX and that was a zillion years ago. lol


  2. Kevin Mastermind says:

    There was a handful of really nice cars out there that were rockin real shit!!! But wat do u expect from a free car meet thats held close by kissimmee?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?. All in all it wasn’t the best meet i ever went to but i still had a good time chillen wit sum of my ppls. Adam where were u at i didn’t even see u there?lol


  3. adam says:

    ^^Kevin! How you been homie? I was there, you couldn’t see me because of my ninja skills….. lmao! Dont get me wrong, im not bashing anyone. Im just ranting about how much i hate it when people rock replica stuff. Know what I mean.


  4. Kevin Mastermind says:

    Yea trust me i know wat u Hey thats part of the reason y i’m still rockin steelies. I would rather have steelies on my whip n save up for sum real wheels then rather spending half that money and buyin fakes!!!lol


  5. Kazuo says:

    Adam, watch your back homie 🙂

    RPM Event & UTI did a great job at hosting this event. For being a free show/ meet it wasn’t that bad. It’s true that there was a good amount of rice :); but there was also a good amount of clean cars at this meet. A few of which Jessica captured. I say it was a good mixture of 50/50.

    I’m also against replica products and support originality, no matter where it’s made. As long as its marketed as its own product and not piggy-backing of the original product.

    But, to each their own.


  6. Will says:

    Going to tons of car meets and seeing cars having real or fake shit, I think it all comes down to how you rep your product. What I really can’t stand are those who have fake stuff and rocking them as if they were real. For example, BBS reps with real BBS center caps.
    If you are going to rock fake stuff, just be proud of what you have instead of faking it. Don’t fake the funk.


  7. SuperDipz says:

    I’m not afraid to step on toes here, but look at the article carefully and read the words “…can’t stand is all those replica/fakes…” and the “…took the pleasure of shooting some of you and posting your car in this article…”

    Now gaze at the amazingly conflicting hypocritical ‘featured’ picture of Lou’s flatblack WRX with his Rota Grid wheels (aka knockoff TE37) on the same article. I know very well no one here would tell him to his face that he’s “BUSTED” or any of this nonsense, especially after the effort he did to jumpstart the scene with advancements through Simply Clean.

    It doesn’t matter what you have or what you drive because we all started somewhere in this game. The scene is motivated by bold individuals that put effort into uniting everyone without condoning their finances or taste of modifications. Absolutely no exclusions, the car scene is for everyone and if you don’t like a car or its features than simply move onto the the next vehicle. Not everyone here likes Skylines, some folks prefer supercharged vs. turbocharged, and you can drift a truck at a car event. Get over it.


  8. Kazuo says:

    Manny’s WRX is hella clean. I love that car. So I believe that’s why Adam posted his WRX up. His Subi is ubber unique.

    And I think what Adam is trying to do and point out are those guys that have fake products and call it the real thing. Like what Will was saying.

    Adam you should elaborate on this and explain your article.


  9. Josh says:

    And what is that Adam? S2000, 240, Impreza, RSX, Civic??? Project this……..project that……show me pictures. Let’s see some results.

    What do you define ricing out a car? Ricing out to me could be a totally different thing to you.


  10. H.Kamakaro says:

    I think the point Adam was trying to get across is that He hates companies that are out to copy other’s Hard work and I completely Agree with that. Now, as far as hating or Judging people who are rocking fake parts,i could care less. That actually makes me look at my car and love it that much more. No one should get bent out of shape over what the next guy is rocking lol. As will said as long as you fake the funk, it is Ok, not everyone has deep pockets nor are willing to get into 2k+ debt just for the sake of having the real deal. That doesn’t make you a True tuner. Sorry.

    Dipz, You have valid point but I want to know if think it’s ok for companies say like Rota to copy wheels from all Japanese major wheel manufacturers?

    Kevin damn dawg! I respect your mentality, back when i was younger i was the same way save until i could get what i really wanted but there ain’t no shame on getting fake stuff as long as you recognize it for what it is!

    I think the real question in hand is what happen to creativity, Innovators, Pioneers are Japanese really the only ones with the potential of constantly introducing and developing new products? Why can’t these other companies get on a drawing board? That is what really bothers me, Not the people that are buying their product. If they didn’t copy people wouldn’t be buying in the first place.
    my 02.


  11. Dave says:

    Great article!! Dipz and the rest of you haters. Stop hating because you all more than likely carry fake shit. Why else defend a fake product.

    Fake is fake no matter what. Be original. Stop killing the market or soon there will be no market. And then who will you copy? Another fake Chinese/ Philipino company.


  12. Jess says:

    Since when did this get so blown outta proportion? Its a simple opinion about the amount of fakes & replicas overflowing our meets! I can’t image how you could be insulted, unless your a ricer of course…The images OBVIOUSLY had nothing to do with the article. Its just simple coverage.

    Honestly, he’s just saying what everyone else is thinking! Am i wrong? You cant say that you dont think about this exact thing when you go to a meet & see a fucking superman themed toyota COROLLA!?! wtf. Seriously, if thats a tuner to you then your in the right place (kissimmee)! (And let me clearify before someone goes ballistic about living in Kissimmee. I live there too! But i’m sure as hell not blind!)

    And (JOSH), certain instances happen in life that prevents you from doing what you want/can do. What happens is absolutely NON of your business. All you need to know is that we are in the midst of a project. So quit being a DICK about it. =)


  13. Danny says:

    So when a person takes hours out of their way to calculate the perfect numbers in adapters, wheel diameters, widths and offsets to run a wheel from an old 80s car they got for super cheap instead of buying some overly expensive wheel that was manufactured a few weeks ago, based on whats been said no matter how perfectly executed the fitment is that car isn’t in with the scene? Or when a father of 2 builds a clean daily with rep wheels because he’d rather save money to feed kids his car is wak? and all these perfectly done up hondas with beast motors and rotas are dumb…I’m sorry I thought we all got into cars to have fun, unless the owner is a dbag then there a re no reasons to hate, and im pretty sure you’re not sponsored by whatever wheels you’re running so if i payed half for the same exact look that you got then in america i call that winning.


  14. DGK of the Crazy 88 says:

    Great write up Adam and as usual, AMAZING pics Jess. I completely understand what Adam’s trying to say. I find it ironic and hypocritical how some people view life in the car scene. When my car originally went out of commission it was like I was dead to some of the regulars in the scene. However, once my car’s out and about this March, I know for a fact that I’m going to be having many people on my metaphorical dick, because of the quality of vehicle I’ve designed / built over the past year or so. There’s no time to sleep when you’re elite and to each their own. However, if somebody pulls up next to me and tries to run their mouth with some kind of complete knock-off / unoriginal nonsense, then that’s when I’m going to pipe up and give them a piece of my mind. I’ve been there as a kid with not having much and being the one who had the backwards swoosh Nikes; but as an adult and a member of a community that originated off of ingenuity and creativity, I find it sad when people take short-cuts to fit a trend, fad, or just do something to fit in. All in all, just do you and quit with all this hate / bullshit, because that’s what the fck is wrong with the scene nowadays. Too many Dominic Torettos and Brian O’Connors out there hating / swagger jacking because they’re to insecure to step out on a limb and do something original. SMH, :-/.


  15. adam says:

    Wow this went to far!! Lol, everyone take a step back. Dipz, if this is the same Dipz from Orlando forums I’m not surprised to see you take something and blow it up. The pictures taken were meant for coverage. I enjoyed looking at a couple of cars out there. That black Suby you were talking about; I thought was pretty clean. I didn’t know the wheels were fake. Lmao. The statement throughout the article was based on opinion. Bash me if you want, “I don’t like fake stuff! I’m a replica hater.” I’m sure your wife/girl friend would hate to rock a fake diamond, or walk around with that fake Coach bag. I’m the same way with the tuner scene. If your to worried about how much “ICE” you need to get those points for your trophy, then your not a tuner. Simply Clean; I love those guys. I rock their sticker!!! Lol, so everyone out there hating, relax just an opinion. The pictures on the article were taken because I liked those cars. Not because I thought they were ricers.

    I’m a big fan of the Florida scene, if you know who I am then you would know that.

    I just thought of a shirt idea, “I’m a replica Hater!” lmao!!

    Drive safe Kami Fans


  16. Manny says:

    Before I express my opinion, I’m also against fake/replica products and support originality.

    Obviously some people in here are very close minded and don’t know a lick about business. I agree and disagree with some on you.

    Kazuo, I agree with you on the fact that its more than ok for another company to come up with a competing product of the original that was based on its design. This makes for healthy competition between the two companies in designing a better product and improving the product. Yes, the product may look or feel the same. But if the competing manufacture markets it there own and don’t piggy-back from the original. Than this is ok. It actually benefits everyone.

    H.Kamakaro, when did Rota state that there product was a direct copy of Japanese wheel manufacturers. People are calling this not the manufacturer. Here’s where the definition of fake & replica draws a fine line. It would be called fake or replica if the product was 100% identical and was market as the original. But obviously Rota didn’t. What they did was create a similar wheel style and create different sizes, bolt-patterns, and offsets to fill in a need in the market. And if you look closely the wheels do look different they just resemble each other (like pepsi and coke). Otherwise they would have been sued up the ass.
    Another thing that you don’t understand about simple economics. (business major here) A market or company is driven by the demand of the people. A manufacturer doesn’t just create a fake product just because they think there’s going to be a market for it. They create the product because of the high demand for the real thing or again like I mentioned above to fulfill a spot untouched by the original product. So it is the people who are to blame for, not the manufacturer.(btw, creativity, innovator, & pioneer is the same thing. no need to make yourself sound smart by using all in the same sentence)

    Dave, you’re right about one thing. One’s the innovator is gone due to unfair competition (fake/ replicas). Then eventually the fake/ replica will slowly banish as soon as they have no one else to copy. If that’s what they’re business plan is all about.
    However, if the company is smart enough they will start manufacturing new innovative products as they’ve already created a market for themselves.

    Adam, thank you for starting this thread. But you need to be more clear with your opinion and not blame/hide behind the company that host this blog. You wrote this and you need to take responsibility for it.

    InsideKami and Kami Speed, I would put a disclamer stating that the opinions written by its members and editors are not the sole views or opinions of the company itself. This way people understand that this is an open talk which is separate from the company that hosts it. Kami Speed is a great company and you should protect yourselves. Hopefully some of you are smart enough to understand this.


  17. Jess says:

    In the grand scheme of things I am pretty disappointed we are even having this debate on the Kami Speed Blog. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if your on the Blog/Site you are obviously a supporter of the products Kami Speed distributes to its customers. Its replicas parts, like the ones some of you are defending, that put stores such as Kami Speed out of business. I can understand if your moneys aren’t quite right; don’t get me wrong this economy isn’t helping. But please don’t try to justify replica parts on a Blog that belongs to a company who is trying to educate & promote automotive advances which obvioulsy come with a price tag. Kami Speed is known for distributing the well-known, high class products available in the automotive industry; so why are we arguing otherwise?



  18. kamispeed says:

    @ Manny
    This blog is open to anyone in the automotive scene no matter what their opinions might be. I’m sure everyone understands that the views and opinions of its members, authors, and editors are theirs and not InsideKamis or KamiSpeeds. In any case we put up a disclaimer up.

    We welcome anyone at KamiSpeed and we don’t turn anyone away no matter what product/s they have on their car. Just so that everyone knows.


  19. DGK of the Crazy 88 says:

    Just to clarify as well, lol. The username “Manny” and I are not the same Manny, lol. Now let’s all move on to something productive, =).


  20. H.Kamakaro says:

    @Manny, I think your major on business there might be compromising your perspective on what these companies COPYING/ REPLICATING/COUNTERFEITING products are actually doing to the scene. And since when does a company needs to state the obvious? If you want to get technical I can get technical too but I’m not here to discuss patents,copy rights etc. But I will tell you that you could not be more wrong about your whole “fill in a need on the market” Speech. You ought to pick up Rays catalog and compare them to the Rota size charts, They are All almost the same exact sizes and offsets with the exception of some 4×100 patterns. And there’s a reason behind this, brake clearance and other factors, they already know what works (because of in this case Rays R&D) or do you think Rota did their own research? Lol. So I wouldn’t go as far as calling these petty addition ” fulfilling market needs”.

    And I do understand how the market works, been doing this for 10+ years, however just because a product it’s in high demand doesn’t grant permission to other companies to replicate said product. But if you think it’s ok for manufacturers to do this, well….. Then I honestly think you’ve never owned a product of great quality in this case let’s say a set of Volks racing wheels, only then you will learn to appreciate and love what these companies do, They are truly second to none.

    What you don’t understand it’s that this replica affair issue goes way beyond than what most people realize, not only do they pose a risk for your own safety but it also harms the reputation of the targeted company whether they are wheels, aerodynamic body kits, electronics, springs, racing seats Etc.

    Now on to the “they are not copies they just resemble the real wheels” I actually LOL @ this. You do realize that the te37 copy Aka grids are not the only wheels in question here right? Go look at mugen CF48, MF8, MF10 just to name a few and then go look at rotas version then comeback in here and tell me they don’t look exactly the same, that they are just resembling the real ones. Just because there may be a microscopic structural difference don’t make the wheel a different design. Maybe in the Legal world but not in the real world. And last time I check OEM ITR wheels weren’t in high demand…. Yea Rota also copied the OEM 16″ ITR wheel and it looks exactly the same w/o the red H. But according to you that won’t fall under the category of a copy right? Next thing you’re going to tell us that the fake tein springs floating on eBay are not fake copies simply because they don’t state it on their auction.
    Sorry to break it to you Manny but rotas are straight up blatant copies of Japanese wheels. Always been, always will be and they knew what they were doing since they first bought a set of spoon wheels back in 1999. I’m about to shred some light to you with a true story about rota and their way of conduct; I have personal friend that fell victim of rota, his name is Arn and he owns a white integra type r at that time the only one to ever have a set of mugen M7 3 piece wheels and have the center/face 24k gold plated and little after Rota had the audacity to copy this one individual personal Idea. Granted, rota didn’t gold plate their wheels but anodized the center gold. This company knows no boundaries, no business ethics, absolutely nothing. They will never see any of my money for sure. All of you that want to live in denial by all means Be my guess but facts are facts and us that have been around long enough know the reality behind companies like this that only harm the industry and offers nothing in return.

    But at the end of the day it’s up to you where your hard earned money will be spent, best of luck is all I can say.

    Manny I hope you don’t take anything personal We certainly appreciate your input so thanks again and good night!!


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