New Product: HKS CR-Z Supercharger

After releasing teaser pictures and some sound clips, HKS finally has prices for the Honda CR-Z Supercharger Kit, though not in the USA. It uses their new centrifugal supercharger (shown to your left) which works like a  turbo/supercharger hybrid, similar to the Rotrex Supercharger but with internal mechanical differences. This new HKS Supercharger system is incredibly efficient thus allowing compact design and a plus for those who want good gas mileage but also want increased power. The internal mechanics also allow the supercharger to be incredibly quite (we’ll miss the growl of a turbo but zero noise pollution is definately the goal). As far as reliability goes, because the power created is proportional the the cars torque, this system is more reliable in the long term than other superchargers when properly tuned.

HKS has been on top of its game ever since the CR-Z first came out in Japan. Right when the car came out they began R&D on to how to increase the tiny car’s power. They decided to go with HKS’s custom GT Superchargers to achieve stable torque throughout the CR-Z’s RPM range and more power at higher RPMs. Which after a couple of months of testing they achieved. The Kit comes in three stages: a purely basic kit (supercharger assembly, supercharger oil cooler, mounting brackets, and some piping), a Stage 1 kit (basic kit, intercooler, intercooler piping, and ecu mangemment), and a final stage 2 (stage 1 and injectors). In addition, they suggest upgraded spark plugs and depending on your driving habit/how much power you want to push upgrading the internals.

We still don’t have every detail on the kit but be sure to continually check in for more info.



HKS Japan


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