First Born: Look Back at our own 04′ STI

Back in 2007 our company was still in its infancy. Business was picking up and it seemed like nothing would stop our growth (that was a year before the economic depression… I promise it wont get emo and depressing). A few bruises and bumps later we’re still alive and kicking :P. Regardless, it’s always good to look back and see what the company has been though, it keeps us focused on our roots so we don’t get out of track.

Time to take a look at our “first born child.” Featured in TunerZine and S3 magazine, our Suby definately got our name out there. Complements of Christopher Curry and Donny Mak, enjoy:

Ah, the Subaru WRX. A personal favorite of mine. The lines, the performance, the history; what isn’t there to like about it. So when I laid my eyes on this Scooby, I fell in love. Donny Mak brings us this WRX STi in Java Black. The owner, Billy Ono and Kami Speed, seem to know what cars are about. They’ve crafted this WRX with some nice style, but also some pretty serious performance modifications.

We’ll start under the hood, where the stock turbo has been swapped out for a Trust TD06S L2 rotated turbo kit. There are a few other Trust parts on this car included a Trust 47mm Type R wastegate and an oil cooler from Trust. The fuel for the engine comes through 850cc injectors from Power Enterprise. That company also provides the timing belt. There is a V Mount from P.E. that has an intercooler and radiator from A.R.C. The air gets sucked through an Apexi intake.

So now that we’ve mentioned some of the things that make this car go, let’s take a look at what makes this car flow. (Did you like that one? I made up all by myself.) I’ve never seen body kit parts from the Varis company, but they accent the car pretty well. The lip kit, carbon canards, rear diffusers, and complete carbon hood and trunk come from Varis. The spoiler is a 140mm wing, also coming from Varis. The underpanel diffuser was made by Beatrush.

Technical Specifications:


  • Varis Carbon Lip Kit
  • Varis Carbon Canards & Rear Diffusers
  • Varis Full Carbon Hood & Trunk
  • Varis 140mm GT-Wing
  • C-West mirrors w. APR mounting brackets
  • STI Japan Limited Edition Grill
  • Prova Hood Dampeners
  • Beatrush Carbon Fiber Cooling Air Duct
  • Beatrush Underpanel


  • Advan Racing RG-II 18×8.5″ Special BC Color
  • Rays Extended Black lug-nuts
  • Yokohama tires


  • DBA 4000 Series Slotted Rear Rotors
  • DBA 5000 Series Slotted 2pc. Rotors
  • ZeroSports Sport/Circuit Brake Pads
  • ZeroSports Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Cusco Brake Cylinder Stopper


  • Bride Carbon Kevlar Low Max Giallas black/gradation
  • Takata Harness
  • Personal Grinta 330mm Suede
  • Works Bell Lock & Quick Release
  • Works Bell Hub
  • ZeroSports Carbon Gauge Pod
  • STI Japan door sills & pedals
  • Beatrush Rear Bulk-head Divider


  • Beatrush Super Light Subframe
  • Beatrush Front and Rear Strut Bar
  • Beatrush Trunk Cage
  • Beatrush Floor Bar
  • Beatrush Front Performance Bar
  • Beatrush Adjustable Lateral Links
  • ZeroSports Pillow Ball joint
  • Cusco Rr. Trailing Arm
  • Tanabe Pro-Seven coilovers w. Swift springs
  • Swift rear sway bar


  • Beatrush Propellor Shaft Mounts
  • Beatrush Differential Mount Spacers
  • Beatrush Shifter Bushings
  • Beatrush Transmission Member Bushings
  • Beatrush Shift Knob


  • Beatrush Forged Pitching Stopper
  • Beatrush Alternator & Crank Pulley
  • Beatrush Pulley Cover
  • Beatrush Radiator Shroud Panel
  • Beatrush Engine Mounts
  • Beatrush oil cap
  • Trust TD06S L2 20G-8cm² rotated turbo kit
  • Trust 47mm Type R external wastegate
  • Trust Oil Cooler
  • Cusco Oil Catch Tank
  • Power Enterprise 850cc injectors
  • Power Enterprise Timing Belt
  • Power Enterprise V-Mount (ARC Intercooler & ARC Radiator)
  • ARC Thermostat
  • Fujitsubo Power Getter
  • Braille 11lbs Battery
  • Braille Battery Holder
  • Apexi Intake
  • Monster Sport 1.3k radiator caps

Electronics / Engine Management:

  • Greddy Profec B Spec II
  • Defi Link Meter BF Amber gauges
  • Defi Link Control Unit II
  • Tanabe TEAS
  • Jester Custom Tune

(>.< )V



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