“February 2011 Ronin” Justin G’s S14

Subject: Justin

Location: Orlando, Florida

Topic: Ronin of March

Welcome back one and all to another exciting month of Ronin. Please don’t forget, if your are interested in becoming a Ronin; Please contact us.

Up next for the month of February, is a local hero by the the name of Justin. With his slick s14, he is bound to turn heads. Though not big into the drift scene, this daily driven tuner is more then passionate about his Silvia! He has worked with companies such as CARisma & Kami Speed to keep his JDM style clean & complimentary.  This full time student works hard to keep his s14 in prestige condition! You do us proud sir.  As for now, his future build is uncertain, but we are glad to see a simply clean ride representing the Florida street scene.

Mods kept confidential.

Thanks for looking. Drive Safe Kami Fans.

If you are interested in becoming next months Ronin, Please contact me @

Email: Perez_Adam@Ymail.com


The Saudi Way of Tire Changing

Who said you need to stop a moving car to change a tire. All you need is the ability to drive on two wheels, three Saudis with cojones of steel, and an open road in the desert.

Now, this might not be a bad idea for a Gumball 3000 Rally team.

source: youtube

Replica and Rice

Recently Adam wrote an article on the RPM/UTI Meet held here in Orlando, FL.  In an act of bold assertion, he expressed his opinion and to say the least stepped on a couple… several hundred toes.

From that I think there needs to be some clarification, so some questions have to be answered.

***Once again this is my expressed opinion, you guys have the right to disagree and if you do leave a comment***

Ok, so what do I consider rice? To me rice is any car cutting corners to achieve a desired look or goal trying to be something that it’s not. What I mean, is any car who, for example, buys replica and tries to play it off as the original or lowers their car by cutting springs (unless you know the mechanical properties of the spring and know that by shortening the length you affect the spring rate since most springs don’t have  a constant spring rate through their entirety… simply speaking it can be done properly, with research and testing,  but by that point it’ll just be cheaper to buy new springs).  Oh, and let’s not forget the fake parts that are suppose to resembles or sounds like original upgrades (turbo speakers, fake calipers, or fake pipes anyone?!?!).

That said, I may not like a car because it has certain products or certain wheels but as long as they don’t try to play off something that they’re not then I respect them. I understand some people don’t have the funds to purchase the products they want, most people don’t actually, but there is a difference between buying cheap and going rice.

So, what’s wrong with buying replica? Companies that make replica wheels, body kits, turbos, etc etc take away value from companies that spend time and money developing products.  And simply speaking it is a matter of respect, buying original products rewards the company and allows a return on their investment, thus allowing the company to continually evolve and create newer better products.  Heck, it even helps the manufacturer lower their prices from a high demand (if the product sells well), aka they can get better more efficient machinery.  If we take that away from them who will be the innovative companies risking their resources for new products?  All I am saying is you don’t help anyone when you buy replicas,  you only hurting the market by encouraging more replicas to be made thus less innovation.  Not to mention, you can potentially damaging your car and wallet in the long run.  I guarantee you the original will give you much more satisfaction, better results, and a longer lasting product.  Oh and if you absolutely must buy replica and there is no where around it… then at least don’t fake the funk.

What about non “JDM” companies? So just to make clear, I’m not a JDM elitist that only wants Japanese products. I just want the best product out there, and it so happens that in my experience Japanese products have been one of the best. But that does not mean I only buy or respect Japanese companies… I respect many American, Australian, and European companies. Americans make great products, just that their best work has been in the domestic market… until recent years where companies have started branching into the import market. Australians also make good products, some of which you probably aren’t aware are Australian. And Europeans have always made good products so that’s a no brainer. Also to some extent my respect also goes out to Chinese manufacturing plants, who (whether we know it or not) manufacture products for companies world wide. Basically any one can make good products, its just all about how much a company invests in quality.

So my last question… Ricers are Japanese parts posers (to simplify it). So what do you call American parts posers? Potatoe-ers? And what about European part posers? Pasta-ers?


Sunday Morning Drive…..for advanced drivers.

8am. Every Sunday. Meet at the 7-11 on 414 and Bear Lake Rd (32714). 45min-1hr. The route is kind of secret, but trust me when I say top speed is defiantly doable. After a quick observation enjoyable drive, there are several sections for speed and tech driving. Advanced drivers only please. If you’re not into it, that’s cool, but please do not blow up the spot for the rest of us. Safety and no run-ins with the law are top priority. This is not a race, just a fun gathering and drive.

The Event:: RPM Meet/UTI Coverage………Disappointed?

Welcome one and all to another disappointment.  Before you judge this post, please read the article in its entirety.   Now, I am a BIG FAN of those tuners out there that love to throw meets, shows, events and such.  So don’t misunderstand what I am trying to say.  ITS THE SCENE.


Walking through the event, I must say I was not happy about the turn out.  Replica here, Replica there.  Rice, Rice, and more Rice.  I understand our economy is in a cycle of sh*t, but should that be our excuse?  I was proud of some of those tuners out there doing their best representing themselves.  And so we took the pleasure of shooting some of you and posting your car in this article (we’re sorry if we missed anyone or couldn’t post you up).  For all those true tuners out there I salute you.

Define a True Tuner:: Is a true Tuner just about expensive parts? Or is it all about being passionate about your car?  If I were to judge myself, I would tell you I am a True Tuner.  Maybe because I believe in all those companies out their that truly put time and money into the final product.  Developing the newest strongest/lightest wheel, or that amazing slick Aerodynamic wide-body JGTC kit.  What I can’t stand is all those replica/fakes companies that snatch all that HARD WORK (R&D) away.  THANK YOU BEN AFFLECK!!!

Personally, I hope to see a change soon in the FL tuner scene.  Or I will make sure to put you on the spot.  Keep an eye out for my newest articles called “BUSTED”.  If you’re caught faking it, I’m going to shoot it!  For all those True Tuners out there, keep it coming!  Thank You RPM Events for hosting this meet and all the show sponsors for doing what you do.  Florida needs a face lift in the True Tuner perspective.  We need your help!

Disclaimer:  The articles and opinions written by its members, authors, and editors are not the sole views or opinions of InsideKami and KamiSpeed.

How to Survive a 199 MPH Crash

Here is how a German Driver and his Lithuanian passenger survived (unharmed actually… no broken anything, well maybe sad because you just destroyed a 1.5 million car so maybe a broken heart?) a 198.8 MPH crash in Italy’s A10 autostrada.
Step 1: Earn 1.5 million dollars.
Step 2: Buy a Pagani Zonda F
Step 3: Crash the Pagani at 198.8 MPH (pity he couldn’t reach 200 MPH, 200 MPH sounds so much cooler than 198.8 MPH)
Step 4: Survive the crash with your trusty Lithuanian passenger
Super Car: 1 Grim Reaper: 0

(>.< )V