“January 2011 Ronin” Jtezza’s ’01 IS300

A growing number of people are hearing about Jessica Le; a model, photo editor, and car enthusiast; but no one has heard the story of how her project car came to be.

In December of 2007, Jessica (aka Jtezza) was already quite knowledgeable about cars, imports in particular; and after a great deal of research she decided on the car that was made for her!  So Jessica set out on a search for an IS300, she test drove at least 10 before realizing that she could not be so picky.  After countless days and hours of searching for the right IS at the right price, Jessica decided that she’ll take the plunge on a 2001 Solar Yellow Lexus IS300 (after frustration set in & she destroyed her fear of yellow).  Not to mention the perfect price tag of $9,995 and the potential to be Jessica Le worthy.

As soon as Jessica got behind the wheel of her new IS300, she began the journey to polish her new yellow gemstone.  She first wanted to remove any chrome off the car & remove its VIP style image.  Jessica then took on the challenge of painting the chrome L-Sport Line Wheels, already equipped on the car, in flat black.  Soon afterwards, she decided it was time for new shoes and purchased a set of used SSR Integral GT-1s, which she restored to a nice set of flat black SSR Integral GT-1s.

With her continuing research, one path let to another and guided her into completely removing the luxury factor of the Lexus IS300 and making it into one badass Toyota Altezza.  With the extra money she made hustling (yes! she’s gangsta), Jessica began altering the exterior, by adding an Altezza grill and replacing all badges.  Soon after, a Seibon CF hood that she stumbled upon on at a local tune shop was added.   Then a short ram intake and cat-back system.

With the Altezza making more power now, she began experimenting with a new thrilling way of enjoy her car- Doriftooo.  Miss Le told us “I began going out and practicing with the local aspiring drifters. My first time drifting was a truly humorous experience. None of the local 240sx guys knew anything about sliding an IS300. Everyone assumed I could just rip the e-brake and slide out, which was incredibly wrong. When pulling an e-brake, even slightly, the car will stop. When I finally stopped listening to everyone and figured out in my head how to get the rear tires moving faster than the front- I knew what I needed to do. After adjusting traction control, and trying my different techniques of shifting, I figured it out. That same night- hours later, my tires were gone, my car was black, and I was satisfied.”

With her new passion of drifting & racing, her transmission couldn’t take the high RMP torture and finally gave out.  The yellow dorifto car, was no longer drifting… it was out for almost 7 months.  Jessica was terrified not knowing if she could ever drift again; luckily, the boys at S&R Performance were able to fix it and put it back to its original form.  Jtezza was now back in the game and drifting her nights away.

So we asked Jessica Le, what her next move was for the Altezza. Jessica told us, “Honestly I have researched and thought about all of these things and would love to do it all. Hopefully one day I will have a full 2JZ-GTE swap with upgraded twin-turbos and all the supporting modz. However, to answer the questions, the next thing will probably be suspension to support the drifting and give it that lowered appeal. Another modification that is soon to come is going to be a dry shot nitrous oxide kit, once I do some maintenance to restore the 2jz-ge’s durability. This seems to be a cheaper alternative to a turbo at the moment, but when I do save up, a single turbo addition is probably in order.”

Stay tuned for next month’s article where we take a look at Jessica’s modeling.


Jtezza’s Current Mod List

Seibon OEM Style CF Hood
SSR Integral GT1 wheels with Falken tires
Toyota Japan Altezza badges
Toyota Japan Altezza grill
Vinyl Graphics by Redline Design
Toyota Altezza Spoiler

Carbon Fiber detailing
Black leather and Suede edition
Kicker Subwoofers
Pioneer system

Fugita Short Ram Intake
HKS High Power Cat-Back
Red Powder Coated Valve Covers


8 thoughts on ““January 2011 Ronin” Jtezza’s ’01 IS300

  1. Mike says:

    Don’t hate on Jessica dude! You can put nos on anything. You are dumb for asking that ridiculous question. Like she said on the intake manifold.


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