The Event: Welcome to Drifting!

Subject: Drift Events in Florida

Synopsis: Local Scene at CFRC (Central Florida Road Racing)

The Event: CFRC Drifting Next Friday! 2/4/11

Big Scene that is just getting Bigger! DRIFTO!!!! Being sideways has always captured the Tuners eye. Famous Quote, “If your not out of Control, your not In control.” Cheesy quote from “The Fast and the Furious” but in many ways its true. I don’t agree with half of the ricer scene that is taken place over at CFRC. I mean when you start running Family station wagons down the straight, you lose a little respect in the tuner world. But one great thing they have going for them is the Drift Events. On their new section of the course, they have dedicated themselves to support the Drift world.

Drift event this Friday! For the Drifters $40.00 is your admission, for the Spectators is $10.00. We will do our best to be out there during every event. If you are a fellow drifter, PLEASE Contact me. I will be more then happy to shoot you! Email:


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