Kami University:: “Enroll Today!” – Acid Dipping

Subject: Acid Dipping

Synopsis: To share some knowledge on things you may or may not already know.

Here at K.U. it is our goal to fill your brain with knowledge, common terms and phrases that are used in the tuner world and trades and secrets passed down for generation to generation.

Today’s Class is about Acid Dipping

January 24, 2011

Acid Dipping:

Acid Dipping is commonly used to remove anything, and everything that is left on the chassis. When you plan on Acid dipping your vehicle, it is required that you remove every single piece of wire and rubber. BONE is key! Acid dipping is a great way to “Start from scratch.” It is also a great way to prep your vehicle for Chassis reinforced. This gives your Welder the opportunity to weld the chassis on a clean canvas. Your welder will have a better chance to clean up any imperfections, making it a lot easier for them.

At this point, your welder will have a great time welding a clean surface. BUT KEEP IN MIND! Once you have acid dipped your chassis, you are working on an open surface. You must; MUST – primer and paint the vehicle within a couple of days… Or be prepared for rust. Also take in mind, that this process isn’t for those with small pockets. This process usually costs between $1500 – $3000. Some people say Media Blasting is another great process. But that’s another class.

Hope you enjoyed todays lesson. Keep an eye out for our next class.


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