Dear “Ronin”, Where have you been? – Welcome to VERSUS!

Subject: RONIN

Summary: The Return

Welcome to VERSUS

Ronin of the Month is Back! Every month we will do our best to post up a new Ronin! If you are not familiar with Ronin, please check out our previous Ronin articles.

Definition of Ronin: the Japanese definition for Rouge; A rōnin (浪人) was a samurai with no lord or master.

For the Month of February; you our followers, will Vote on the TOP Ronin of 2010.  Just click on your favorite Ronin Image and use the star system to rate there post.  The Ronin with the highest star rating/most votes by the end of the month will win 2010 Ronin of the Year.

We do apologize for the last couple of months.  We were blessed with a Little boy! Our lives have been a little overwhelming,  BUT we are back baby!  And ready to kick some ASS!  If there is a Ronin in town,  please let us know.  We don’t care if its a project car – or a track car.  We are ready to shoot!  Email me at

Ronin 1: Jose G.

Ronin 2: Kam

Ronin 3: Richie


Who will be “Ronin 2010”, that will be based on YOU! If you would like more pictures, simply search your favorite Ronin. The Voting Starts TODAY. WELCOME TO VERSUS

Votes will be counted on February 1st so voting ends JAN 31st.



5 thoughts on “Dear “Ronin”, Where have you been? – Welcome to VERSUS!

  1. kamispeed says:

    To make this fair and anonymous we went ahead and added a star rating system to rate the posts. To win Ronin of the Year make sure your friends rate your post. The highest star rating will win 2010 Ronin of the Year!


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