Now Why Would I Ever… OK Thats Kinda Cool

Remember when video games were targeted to children and teenagers?  When a 200$ video game console was blasphemous?  Well the times have changed… $200 for a gaming console is cheap now and days.  And an industry run by games targeted for children has grown, most games out now are horrifically gruesome, borderline traumatizing, and unsurprisingly awesome.  The video game industry has grown up; the kids who played the first video games never lost their gaming addiction and now they have families.  With this progression (and inflation) prices went up. First 300…400…500$ gaming consoles popped up.  Then games went up in price.  Finally uselessly necessary accessories were created, from the 20$ memory card to the 300$ 6-speed clutch enabled Racing Wheel (racing seat not included).

Well… proof that the once young video game industry has matured.  The next necessary addition to the Call of Duty collection:

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Edition 2011 Jeep Wrangler

The Black Ops Edition Jeep is based on the Wrangler’s Rubicon trim, with the addition of: Mineral Gray Alloy Wheels on 32 inch off road tires, Mopar tail-lamp guards, a Mopar fuel door, Call of Duty: Black Ops logos, and entirely blacked-out exterior.

Its a nice car but for it’s baseline 30k price tag, I might just pass… then again check out the upgraded version at the Detroit Auto Show. One thing is for sure, it definately made my list for top five modes of transportation for when the zombie apocalypse comes.




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