M&M Honda and the CR-Z

With todays focus on green energy, there is no surprise that companies are manufacturing products for the Honda CR-Z. M&M Honda is no exception to this trend.

M&M Honda CR-Z Product Line:


  • M&M tuned Ohlin Shocks and Springs
  • Front Upper Mounts
  • Rear Spring Mounts and Spacers
  • Rear Pillow Upper Mounts
  • Front Adjustable Stabilizer Links

Chassis Reinforcement

  • Front Lower Arm Bar
  • Front Monocoque Bar
  • Rear Monocoque Bar


  • Carbon Cooling Hood
  • Carbon Type MR GT Wing
  • Carbon Type 01 GT Wing

Engine Cooling

  • Aluminum Radiator
  • Radiator Hose Set
  • Radiator Assist Tank Kit



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