Did someone say GT-R…..

August 2010

Feature: Simple Bolt-on’s, (Kami Speed hands on.)

Have you ever wanted to be that guy, that one guy with the bad ass car. A car so elite, people driving by with their windows down would ask….. “How could he afford that?” For a brief moment, I had the privilege to experience that. For all you dreamers out there, I would like to share my story.

So Kami Speed took on a recent project, a beautiful white Nissan R35. A customer called and asked Kami Speed to install a stage one setup on their perfectly built monster; and we decided to take advantage of shooting one. Cobb AP, Turbo-Back Exhaust, Intakes, BOV, Intercooler, and Inter-cooler Pipings was added to the Japan monster; and it made some interesting numbers.

“You get what you pay for” is a true understatement. From the smooth leather seats rubbing against your skin, to the beautiful red gauges shinning across your face. I can truly say this car was well built. Its a different experience from looking in the magazines, or watching a simple commercial. Once you get behind the wheel of a 500 horse power twin turbo GOD, one question constantly runs through your mind. Who do I have to kill to get one?

Please enjoy the pictures, with as much pleasure as we had shooting them.

If your asking yourself, Does Kami Speed work on GTR’s? The Answer is Yes! With there recently added equipment, expect Kami Speed to soon be doing more installs/ race prep setups.

Photos by GripWorksMedia.com (Check them Out)


4 thoughts on “Did someone say GT-R…..

  1. Saku says:

    Car looks great, I love the first picture. Hey I know you guys took some pictures of the exhaust and inter-cooler piping we installed. By any chance could you post some of those pictures up?


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