Im in Miami B*tch……… (Remix / HellaFlush VI)

Date: August 1st, 2010

Location: Miami, Florida

Event: REMIX / HellaFlush VI

What do you get when you mix cars, Miami, and hot girls??? One helluva good time right?! Well thats what Remix Miami 2010 feat. Hellaflush VI was all about. Even though Miami’s infamous heat tried to ruin the day, the mass array of sick and Hellaflush cars made it enjoyable. Enough of my babbling on to the rides.

Photos by :    Check them out!


6 thoughts on “Im in Miami B*tch……… (Remix / HellaFlush VI)

  1. adam says:

    Billy!!! You guys are doing up that EVO like nobody’s business. Congrats on the win “Best Mitsubishi”. I only wish that Evo was on the track.

    I know I keep saying it, but I can’t wait till we start on the S2!

    Keep up the great work.

    **If you can’t find it at Kami Speed, it’s not worth it!*


  2. Sean says:

    GripWorksMedia, those are some great angles! Keep up the cool work. I’m guessing you guys work for big magazines like Import Tuner, Modified, etc?


  3. adam says:

    That will be the day, when we get to shoot for a big company. GripWorks is a company based out in Orlando Florida. Import Tuner, Modified…. One day, One day my friend.


  4. Kevin MasterMind says:

    Yo yo great pics. Had a good time chillen wit u guys in Miami (billy,hector,lineker) Adam u missed out bro. I good of used some help finishing the keg of heineken lmao. But i did a good job on finishing it Lookin forward to seein u guys at a next meet hopefully the ride ill up n running by then 🙂


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