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Redline Time Attack Coverage: Sebring, Florida

Coverage: Red Line Time Attack

Date: August 2010

Location: Sebring Florida

Time: 11:30 am

Hey Guys: Adam here with *GripWorks Media*, writing your coverage all the way from Sebring Florida. MAN! the heat, nothing but clear skies and humidity. We have a couple of amazing cars out here, GTR’s, Evo’s, Supra’s and much more. Thus far all the tuners are out there practicing their moves, and tweeking their cars. A couple of Florida’s locals are also making a scene, PRS; with their amazing EVO’s and BMW’s. I’m sure Mike and the guys are looking forward to making some good numbers.

If you have any questions Please hit me up! I’ll be here.

8:00am Gates open up for all tuners
followed by drivers meetings.

8:00am – 10:00am Practice runs will begin
10:00am – 12:00pn Advance racing
12:30 – 1:00pm Lunch

1:30 – 5:00 Tech, Racing

I’ll keep you guys posted. If your out here having a good time, post it up!!! I’ll see you guys around.



Time: 4:56 pm

Hey Guys,

Well thats it for today. It was an amazing site here at Sebring, Florida. Don’t get me wrong, I wish it was 20 degrees cooler. (lol) From a noobs point of view, PRS looks pretty amazing today. But I have a lot of friends that have their money on the Z06 that is just flying by. I am very surprised on the HIGH quality of cars showing at this event. Don’t get me wrong, I understand it’s RED line, but 5 GTR’s ……. DAMN. Lol, seems like thats the new trend. Keep your eyes posted, I’ll get some pictures posted.

Companies out on the track:

Fortune Auto : PRS : Braille Auto : Turn 10 : Scion World Racing : Nitto : Forged :

(Ill keep looking)



Date: Sunday

Time: 6:46

Hey everyone!! Man was it a hot!!!!!!! So, I have some great feed back and some great pictures. Sorry we couldn’t post up anything till now, there was no 3G network at  Sebring!! Lol, MAN CRAZY! So we had a lot of tuners out there plus a lot of car wrecks. Did I feel bad; we all know turn 17 is a curse from hell. It did claim one tuner in the Enthusiast class. Pour tuner went so far in the tire wall you couldn’t see his car.

So we have a lot of great pictures for you. We will try to post some up later today.

Keep watch for the latest updates!!!


Date: August 16

Time: 11:53

Update: Coverage on Redline Time Attack

Good Morning Orlando. Man is it good to be back. As we speak I have my fellow photographers editing away so we may have some pictures up for you. As far as results, they are not posted quit yet. But be assured we will post them up as soon as they are ready.



Round 7 of the Redline Time Attack makes it stop in sunny Sebring Florida. One of the most legendary tracks in motor sports home to the 12 hours of Sebring which has ran annually for the past 58 years. Being a Florida native and a huge fan of sports car racing I visit Sebring every year to attend the 12 hours. Once I heard that RLTA was going to make a stop here in Florida I was stoked and even more so that it was in Sebring. The week building up to the event I could hardly get any sleep I was so excited. Finally the time came and we arrived Friday afternoon and checked into the Chateau Elan. Saturday morning quickly came around and it was time to go racing! Just seeing cars on the track made me giddy as hell but seeing the caliber of some of these teams just blew my mind. The spectrum of cars ranged from a Honda Accord to a Lamborghini with all the BMW’s GTR’s and Porsche’s rounding out the middle.

The racing concluded for the day and it gave all the teams time to frantically wrench on their cars and fine tune them for tomorrows qualifying and Time Attack sessions. So back to the hotel for us sifting through all the photos I took that day drooling over some of the works of art these talented people drive for a living. After sorting through all of my coverage we decided to ride into town to grab some dinner, which was 100 times better than the adventure the night before.

After an uneventful night the big day of the weekend, Sunday, welcomes us with a bright sunny and humidity full day. As the sun beats down on the track the teams roll out onto the 17 turn monster we like to call Sebring International Raceway. All day long the cars go all out pedal to the metal in search of the fastest line around the track. Oh and somewhere in the middle of it all they were on the hunt for miss. Redline Time Attack. All in all, RLTA was a blast meeting many new people and just seeing old friends and add in a mixture of phenomenal cars and drivers doing what they do best is the perfect recipe for an amazing weekend!

In conclusion I want to thank Redline Time Attack for making the decision to bring their awesome series out to the east coast, And a HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Adam Neylans for surrendering over his brand new 2010 Honda Fit to be the GripWorks Media support vehicle for the weekend, Thanks again bud!

Below are going to be some photos of the weekend and be sure to hop on over to for the rest of the coverage and more pictures from Gripworks Media.


Top 5 Fastest Overall

1. TONY WIESENHAHN / Turn In Concepts – WRX – 2:16.379

2. SHARIF ABDELBASET / Forged Performance – GTR R35 – 2:17.997

3. IAN STEWART – Porsche 911 -2:19.134

4. WHIT STAPLES / Fortune – EVO – 2:20.238

5. DOUG WIND/ Forced Performance – SRT4 -2:24.483

Enthusiast AWD


2. GEORGE BONAFEDE – EVO 9 – 2:33.873

3. Ratanachai Sommee – EVO X – 2:35.236

Enthusiast FWD

1. ALI UZUN – Mini – 2:48.644

Street AWD

1. DANIEL O’DONNELL/ Professional Awesome – EVO – 2:25.113

2. TODD REID / Fortune Auto – 2:27.285

Street RWD

1. Kris VON SYDOW/ VS Motorsports – BMW M3 – 2:32.854

2. IAN STEWART – 2:35.775

3. RAPHAEL SANTOS – 2:45.861

Street FWD

1. BLAKE FULLER / Braille Auto – Altima – 2:49.126

Modified AWD

1. TONY WIESENHAHN / Turn In Concepts – WRX – 2:16.379

2.SHARIF ABDELBASET / Forged Performance – R35 – 2:17.997

3. WHIT STAPLES / Fortune – EVO – 2:20.238

Modified RWD

1. IAN STEWART – Porsche -2:19.134

2. JARED STOOPS / AMI – 370Z – 2:26.217

3. HAL GLENN – 350Z -2:45.382

Modified FWD

1. DOUG WIND/ Forced Performance – SRT4 -2:24.483

2. MICHAEL MCINTURF – RSX Type S -2:40.936

3. ANDREW MEEK – Civic EG -2:43.170

Super Modified RWD

1. CAM WORTH – RX7 – 2:24.841

2. SHARIF ABDELBASET/ Forged Performance – Porsche- 2:24.956

3. JEFF RICCA/ Ricca Racing – 240SX – 3:09.465

Super Modified FWD

1. SEAN YEARWOOD / P2R – Accord – 2:38.838

2. JG Pasterjak/ GRM – Mini -2:43.520

3. Chris Rado/ World Racing – tC – NA

Did someone say GT-R…..

August 2010

Feature: Simple Bolt-on’s, (Kami Speed hands on.)

Have you ever wanted to be that guy, that one guy with the bad ass car. A car so elite, people driving by with their windows down would ask….. “How could he afford that?” For a brief moment, I had the privilege to experience that. For all you dreamers out there, I would like to share my story.

So Kami Speed took on a recent project, a beautiful white Nissan R35. A customer called and asked Kami Speed to install a stage one setup on their perfectly built monster; and we decided to take advantage of shooting one. Cobb AP, Turbo-Back Exhaust, Intakes, BOV, Intercooler, and Inter-cooler Pipings was added to the Japan monster; and it made some interesting numbers.

“You get what you pay for” is a true understatement. From the smooth leather seats rubbing against your skin, to the beautiful red gauges shinning across your face. I can truly say this car was well built. Its a different experience from looking in the magazines, or watching a simple commercial. Once you get behind the wheel of a 500 horse power twin turbo GOD, one question constantly runs through your mind. Who do I have to kill to get one?

Please enjoy the pictures, with as much pleasure as we had shooting them.

If your asking yourself, Does Kami Speed work on GTR’s? The Answer is Yes! With there recently added equipment, expect Kami Speed to soon be doing more installs/ race prep setups.

Photos by (Check them Out)

Cusco Releases New Products for GVB

Cusco is releasing new items for GVB (4door) Impreza STI. Like always Cusco is one of the front runners on suspension and chassis reinforcement products.

Coilover :
ZERO 2E / $2774 MSRP

Sway bars :
REAR / $280 MSRP

Strut bars :
REAR OS TYPE / $200 MSRP *need modify on rear panel

Lower Arm Braces :
FRONT VER. 1 / $160 MSRP
FRONT VER. 2 / $280 MSRP

Power Braces :
FLOOR CENTER / $520 MSRP *need to remove/modify under cover


Im in Miami B*tch……… (Remix / HellaFlush VI)

Date: August 1st, 2010

Location: Miami, Florida

Event: REMIX / HellaFlush VI

What do you get when you mix cars, Miami, and hot girls??? One helluva good time right?! Well thats what Remix Miami 2010 feat. Hellaflush VI was all about. Even though Miami’s infamous heat tried to ruin the day, the mass array of sick and Hellaflush cars made it enjoyable. Enough of my babbling on to the rides.

Photos by :    Check them out!

Lately, I’ve been in the mood for DoCoMo Ads. NTT DoCoMo is a japanese phone mobile operating company. These are the phones we used when in Japan (thanks to our family 😉 ). So I found a few funny ones and with Anna Tsuchiya (for those that like Japanese Rock). Japanese ads are always fun to watch. Check em out!

“Ronin” of the Month (Rich)

August 2nd 2010
Tuner Name: Rich
Location: Orlando Florida
One of the cleanest Evo’s rolling the streets is none other then Rich from Team Solo. The panda style seems to be the look for this Simply Clean Evo, but none the less; its award winning. From the Voltex front bumper, to the Voltex rear diffuser; Here is a beautiful look at Richard Harris Evo.
-Personal Grinta Steering wheel (Black w/ Red stitching)
-Splash Short Boss Hub
-NRG Quick Release
-Takata Harness
-Sparco Harness Bar
-Recaro Seats
-Defi gauges (boost & oil pressure)
-Defi Link meter in custom Carbon Fiber cubby plate
-AEM wide band
-Rexpeed Carbon Fiber dash panel
-Custom fiberglass ashtray gauge pod
-ARC Titanium shift knob
-Apexi Turbo timer
-Voltex Front Bumper
-Voltex Sideskirts
-Voltex Carbon Fiber Rear diffuser -JDM Evo9 Tail lights
-JDM Amber side markers
-JDM Rear bumper
-JDM Rear Badge
-Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood
-Chargespeed Carbon Fiber Trunk
-Forge Shorty antenna


-Custom Tune By TTP Engineering

-TTP altmap Switch for Duel maps

-Force Performance HTA 80mm Evo Red Turbo

-Percision 880cc injectors

-Brian Crower 272 cams
-ARP Head Studs
-Injen Upper & Lower ICP
-Turbo XS FMIC
-ARC Heat Shield
– Buschur Ported & Coated Exhaust Manifold
-Megan O2 housing
-Megan Down Pipe & Cat-Delete
-Greddy TiC Catback Exhaust
-Forge RS BOV
-Forge Actuator
-Tactrix 3-port Boost solenoid
-Walboro 255 fuel pump
-Megan Aluminum Radiator
-Forge Radiator Hoses
-Buschur Mini battery

-Gull Flame Gravity 18×8.5 +25
-Tein H-tech springs
-Brembo Calipers
-Powerslot F&R rotors
-Hawk HPS Pads
-Steel Braided Brake Lines
-Tanabe Sutek Rear Sway Bar
-Muteki Light weight anodized lugs
In Car Electronics:
-Alpine head unit
I want to thank Dunlop Tires, TTP Engineering for all the work put in for my custom tune, JJ for all the help installing my new setup, and Team Solo for all their support!