2012 GT-R testing at Nurburgring

Not much info out on the 2012 GT-R. We found a video of two 2012 models testing at the Nurburgring. You can see some changes in the front bumper and air ducts on the rear lip. It is also rumored to have 520+ HP stock, compared to the 480 HP in the current models.



May 2011: Thor

Getting closer to the The Avengers….if you know what I’m talking about.  Here’s a trailer of the upcoming movie… Thor!  Pretty cool that Anthony Hopkins is playing Odin.  I don’t know much about

Chris Hemsworth

as Thor…But he looks the part.  Check it out!

Thor Trailer: May 2011

Redline Time Attack: Welcome to Florida!

Event: Redline Time Attack

Date: August 14-15

Location: Sebring, Florida

Welcome to Sebring Florida – For the first time in Redline history, the peeps that run “Redline Time Attack” are headed
to Florida. For those of you that are not familiar with “Time Attack” because your one of those that just like to go straight, let me enlighten you on a phenomenon
growing underneath your nose.

“Time Attack” : Time Attack (alternatively known as Super Lap or Tuner Battles) originated in Japan when the tuning media organized the event on race circuits such as Tsukuba Circuit, where it commonly occurs, as a proving ground for street tuned cars built at a large budget by highly respected tuning companies. Unlike other timed motorsport disciplines such as sprinting and hillclimbing, the car is required to start off under full rolling start conditions following a warm up lap where they will have to accelerate out as fast as possible to determine how fast they enter their timed lap.[1] Commonly, as cars consists of modified roadgoing cars, cars are required to wear tires authorized for road use and in all, drivers are allocated to three laps in a final event run; warm-up, timed and cool-down.Largely as a result of the popularity of the tuning industry, the name appears as a category for modified production vehicles at the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb utilizing Time Attack regulations which allows aftermarket modifications to the car and is split into two categories (2WD and 4WD).

Thank You “Wikipedia”

Coming August 14-15; will be Florida’s opportunity  to prove their worth in the Redline event. Yours truly is trying his hardest to prepare for this battle. RTA does it’s very best to make it affordable, and competitive. For Rules please click on this link: http://redlinetimeattack.com/ti/rl/content/8tEGtjTm.html

Here is a quick view of the classes that are offered during Redline.

Fontana Nissan Enthusiast Class
The Enthusiast Class has modification limitations and is intended for relatively “stock” vehicles. Basic Performance Upgrades (BPUs) are permitted, like Cold Air Intakes, Headers, Exhaust Systems, Brake Upgrades, Suspension Upgrades, Etc. Competing in Enthusiast Class is a great way to get started in Time Attack racing for those who are interested!

Buddy Club Street Tire Class
The Redline Time Attack Street Tire Class is intended for vehicles that are for the most part “Street Legal” using DOT approved Street Tires driven by grassroots enthusiasts and amateur racers alike. The Street Tire Class is the most popular and accessible Class in the Redline Time Attack Series, it is the true home of the Enthusiasts.

COBB Tuning Modified Class
The Redline Time Attack Modified Class is the home of highly modified Street Cars, it is truly the pinnacle of Street Performance vehicles. The use of R-Compound track tires is allowed as well as more open rules for suspensions, aerodynamics and composite body work. Professional drivers and hired guns are often seen driving the fastest Modified Class vehicles for many of the top teams

Super Modified Class
The Redline Time Attack Super Modified Class is where you will see the fastest road racing tuner cars in the country. Full use of carbon/composite body panels, huge wings, huge tires and huge POWER can all be found. The fastest Super Modified Class cars run lap times faster than SPEED World Challenge GT cars and are close to surpassing American Le Mans GT2 lap times. Super Modified Class vehicles will often have between 500-800hp on tap! Top speeds at some tracks will surpass 180mph!

Here are a couple of pictures from their past events:

Of course yours truly, accompanied by “Grip Works” will be out on site trying to give you the best coverage we can.

Here is the best picture I could find, I’ll keep looking for more. This picture is to give you an idea of what the track looks like.

For those of you heading out to this event, we will see you there. For those not; no need to worry my friends – we got you covered 😉  . For any further questions, or inquires please contact us anytime. Until then we will keep you posted.