“Ultra” Car Show @ Tampa

June 27th, 2010

Ultra” Car Show- located in Tampa, Florida

It was a long, hot, melting, rainy, cloudy, wet day. A company out in Tampa called “Ultra Evolution” and “Team SSP” pulled out a very nice event for us tuners. No matter the weather, we had a splended time getting our sun tan. Excuess me; our T.T. (Wink)

We have some good pictures to share with you, even some T.T pictures. If you have some pictures you want to share, send me an email! I would have to say the hardest thing to do at “Ultra” was to look for some shade. OMG, was it hot!

Despite the blazing heat, there were several tuners who bared the scolding sun and walked away with an award.  There were first, second & third places in categories such as Best Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Best Team, Team Participtation & Best of Show.  Some of the Teams with big wins included Teams Solo, Sunworks, Titan & Sciokotics.

Keep a look out this week for updated pictures.

Keep in mind guys, we couldn’t take all the pictures of the meet. But we took what we thought needed to be noticed!

I’m going to see if I have any more on my memory, so i’ll keep ya posted! Remember, if there are any pictures

you would like to share, please email me any time!


8 thoughts on ““Ultra” Car Show @ Tampa

  1. Vien says:

    WTH is that Simply Clean shit??? Is that like another HellaFlush except that there’s sounds proper and the FL one sounds like a Mr Clean product? hahahaha


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