Show me your T.T.’s ……….

June – 2010

Show me your T.T.’s …… (Summer edition)

Let me explain, keep in mind this is a PG-13 blog. (Wink) Show me your T.T.’s stands for Tuner Tans. Every hot, melting, dry summer you here about farmer tan, sock line tan, bikini tan…… What about the “TUNER TAN” ?

T.T. = Tuner Tan – A tan line well deserved during long meets, and car shows.

This summer myself and YUM Photo will be on the hunt for those T.T.’s, so you best get them ready. It’s simple, a picture of yourself and tan line. The picture will post up with “Name of Show/Meet” and name of Tunie.

If you already have a T.T. please email me: with your name and event. Ill be happy to post it up for you.

Have a great summer Tunies!


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