Mortal Kombat Re-Birth?

This seems to be the year for video games movies! This looks very promising; Couldn’t possibly be any worse than the others?!?!?!?!  It actually appears to have a good production and some decent actors.
And it’s way… more dark and less campy than the previous films.

The 8 minute long video looks well done (and possibly made with at least some budget), but there is very little info given about who made it and why… It seems that the demo reel/proof concept was posted on Youtube to catch the attention of potential investors for a new Mortal Kombat movie; Since views and comments on YouTube are a good indicator of how the potential audience would receive the movie.  What do you think of it?  Would you want to see a full length Mortal Kombat movie that was in this style?  You be the Judge!
Also if you have any more information please share! Very excited about this one 🙂


One thought on “Mortal Kombat Re-Birth?

  1. adam says:

    I am super pumped about this movie. I really hope this goes through. They say that the director just put this out to see how “BIG” the trailer would hit. He stated that he never under stood why they went with Johnny Cage was the lead. When we all knew that Sub Zero and Scorpion’s history made the game. He hopes if his trailer does well he will then make the movie.


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