World’s First 500 Whp Evo X MR

SSP is taking the Mitsubishi EVO X to a new level. They are the first in the world to produce a full line up of transmission performance products for the X. Ultimately, SSP is working closely with several major manufacturers to bring a reliable 11 second package to the market.

We start by looking at SSP’s own Jeremy and his Evo X MR. This car has already seen low 12’s, and is currently the Worlds fastest Evo X MR to date with a 1/4 mile run of 12.23 @ 108.51 mph! Running low 12’s in a MR is nothing short of impressive, but Jeremy wasn’t looking to stop there! Since his last 12.2 run, he has now decided to ship his car to SSP for a full make over. He is now looking to be the first 11 second Evo X MR.

Thanks to Jeremy and SSP for stopping by and showing off their sweet ride. (>.<)V

Parts List

Performance Mods:
Tuning: Jack Cecil of Horse Power Logic
Turbonetics – GTK-500 (.82)
Full Blown- Fuel pump kit
Tial – 44mm external wastegate
Tial – Bov
Kelford – stage 2 cams with springs
FIC – 1100cc injectors
SSP – Top mount big turbo kit (ssp gtk 500 package)
ETS – intake
ETS – downpipe
ETS – straight 3″ single exit (no mufflers/cats)
ETS – 4″ fmic
ETS – ticp
ETS – licp
SSP – 500hp clutch packs
SSP – Deep transmission pan (with temp sensor)
SSP – Pro red transmission fluid
SSP – inline sst filter
SSP – front mount transmission cooler
SSP – lightened flywheel
SSP – transmission seal kit
SSP – Teflon intake gasket kit
SSP – Billet End links

Visual Mods:
Voltex – 1700 mm rear spoiler
Mitsubishi – GSR front grill trim and mesh
ISS Forged – 18″ 3 piece forged wheels
Chargespeed – Carbon mirrors (painted WW)
AMI Customs – Triple pillar gauge pod/painted a pillars
Corbeau – FX1 pro seats (all black)
Beatrush Front License Plate Holder
Varis Double CF Canards
Beatrush Rear Tow Hook


SSP (South Side Performance)


8 thoughts on “World’s First 500 Whp Evo X MR

  1. Alex says:

    Yeah, because EVO X MR has crappy transmission. << That handicap paddle shift.

    EVO X GSRs are a different story. They're manual transmission and there transmission can handle the power.

    EVO X MRs can't. They're like in 2 different levels. That's why I prefer the GSR over MR.


  2. Saku says:

    I’d say they’re smart for tapping into a new market, plus sooner or later automatic transmissions will completely surpass manual transmissions in race cars…


  3. H.Kamakaro says:

    Lets compare apple to apple guys. The MR and GSR have obviously different transmission so you can’t compare an apple to an orange so i think we ought to give some props and respect to the guys at SSP for being the very first to break the HP barrier on the MR and too being the innovators of the clutch solution for the MR guys.
    When you say “MR’s have a Crappy Transmission” What exactly are you referring to? can you elaborate on the subject?
    As far as i know, the only reason why we have not seen a “fast” MR was mainly and solely because the absence of any after market clutches for SST’s out there. Jeff, Did the AMS evo ran 10’s with a stock clutch? NO.

    So saying the MR SST it’s crappy without actual facts to back your comment it’s a pretty bold statement and i’ll tell you why you can’t have facts, simply because they have never been put to the test until now, which it seems to be holding up pretty good at 500HP. Granted, we’re still yet to see it’s full potential to compare it with a GSR but SSP is definitely on the right path to test the limits. But my point was that The Transmission it’s not the reason you don’t see fast MR’S. It’s the clutch, just like the GSR’s it needs to be upgrade in order to sustain any significant amount of added power/torque. SSP will continue to push the envelopes and boundaries on SST,we will keep you guys posted on this bad ass MR!.


  4. Alex says:

    By crappy transmission, I mean that compared to GSR. The MR can only push up to 280 torque or so to the wheels max. After that the clutch will start slipping. The GSR in the other hand can handle close to 400 to the wheels without changing the clutch. Furthermore, you have to tune the MR’s SST system after 300 torque on top of replacing the clutch. There’s just a lot more work & money needed on the MR to reach 300+

    I’m with you guys on this one. I’m just elaborating this to Jeff that you can’t compare a GSR to an MR. What SSP has achieved here is impressive. A MR is like a football on a wheel chair out of the box, compared to a GSR.


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