Tarzan Yamada, Fastest Man 2 Out of 3 Times

eastern creekTime Attack Veteran (and now World Champion), Tarzan Yamada, showcased his skill once again. This time proving himself on the international stage competing in the 2010 World Time Attack Challenge, held in Eastern Creek, Australia. About 100 teams and competitors, from Australia, Japan, and the USA, came out to compete. They carried not only their honor, but that of their patron nations. You could say it’s the Olympics… tuner style.


All in all, Tarzan Yamada and the  CyberEVO took the cake, leaving team USA’s Sierra Sierra in second place. 3rd place then went to the Tomei and Cusco collaborated EJ handled by Tarzan Yamada (get it??? the fastest man 2 out of 3 times?!?! he got 1st and 3rd place… get it?!?!).

Sierra Sierra


The CyberEVO, in the experienced hands of Yamada-san, set a new track record and left competition behind, both feats accomplished with at least a second to spare. Not to say the CyberEVO had it easy, on day one the engine was nearly destroyed and at one point the down-force created by the wing caused it to tear off, yes tear off. Sierra Sierra also gave a valiant battle, leading the competition on several occasions. But ultimately we know the results, and Team Japan takes the Gold.  (>.<)V

For more info on the competition and the competitors check out the links bellow.
2010 World Time Attack Challenge

Superlap Australia


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