Tekken Official Movie Trailer

We’re not sure how we feel about this.  Been that we’re such huge Tekken fans.  Some of the characters look okay and others just look scrawny. I hope this isn’t another Street Fighter movie. But you guys decide.  Here’s the official Tekken Movie trailer.

Here’s a link to some of the Cast. Apparently, this movie has already been released in Japan. Tekken Cast


8 thoughts on “Tekken Official Movie Trailer

  1. H.Kamakaro says:

    Wtf is hwoarang? lol. Don’t seem to shabby. I hope Brian is on there and that bad commander from AVATAR is playing him, he would be so perfect, they’ll be crazy to give the roll to someone else.
    Nice find bro,you know i can’t wait to see this.I’m pumped, who wants to get their ass kicked on tekken tonight? hahahaha My SN is “flushness” holla!


  2. adam says:

    No…. no…. HELL NO… I’m sorry this does not look right at all. I mean, I am glad they want to push the movie. After seeing the Mortal Kombat trailer, they need to think about a rewrite.


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