Endless Silvia S15 in Orlando, FL

As if a Silvia S15 from Japan wasn’t enough of a rarity in Orlando, FL. We got a surprise visit from the S15 Silva built by Endless USA. Checkout the full mod list on this thing:

Dyno tuned by Jon and Katsu of HKS USA. 335whp. 334tq.

C-West GT-Type Widebody
C-West Front Carbon Canards
C-West Carbon GT-Wing
Custom Wing Scaffolding by Design Craft Fabrications (Removable)
C-West Vented Hood
Craft Square TC-F Carbon Side Mirrors
Moonface rear wiper delete
Endless Race Graphics Scheme

Zeal Function-X (highly modified to circuit spec)
Endless 6-pot Mini Front Brake System
Z32 Rear calipers / Inner drum
Endless Straight-6 rotors
Endless ME11 Brake Pads
Endless RF-650 Brake Fluid
Moonface Tension Rods
Peak Rear Camber Arms
Peak Rear Toe Arms
ARC Titanium Strut Tower Bar
AME TM-02 Wheels 18×9.5 Front, 18×10 Rear
AME Circlar Spec-R Wheels 17×9 Front, 18×10 Rear
Advan A048 or AD07 tires

HKS Step 3 Intake / Exhaust Cams
HKS Inner and Outer Valve Springs
HKS Retainers
HKS Rocker Arms
HKS Solid Lifters
HKS Valve Seals
HKS Injectors
HKS Twin Power DLI II
HKS Intercooler
HKS Oil Cooler
HKS Intake Filter
NGK spark plugs
Tomei Fuel Pump
Moonface Engine Damper
Moonface Racing Cat
Moonface Racing Oil Block
Kakimoto Exhaust
Eneos Engine Oil
ARC Titanium Cooling Plate
Koyo Radiator
Nismo Radiator Cap
Nismo Theromostat
Nismo Engine Mounts

Nismo 6-spd Transmission
Nismo Transmission Mounts
Endless Transmission Oil
ARMS Transmission Oil Catch Tank
OS Giken STR2CD Twin Plate Clutch
OS Giken Super Lock LSD

HKS F-Con V Pro
Defi BF Gauges (Water Temp, Exhaust Temp, Oil Pressure, Boost)
Relocated Odyssey PC680 Battery
Kill Switch
Bellof Evolution Type HID Sytem
Bellof Stinger System (As used in Super GT)

Bride Zeta 3 Driver Seat
Bride Stradia Carbon-Kevlar Passenger Seat
Willans 5-point Harnesses
Works Bell Rapfix GTC Hub
Personal Steering Wheel
Moonface Shift Knob
A-Spec Spinturn Knob
Custom 6-point Roll Cage

Enough introduction. Here are some quick shots we took of this car while at our shop:


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