Rays Volk TE37 SL Wheel

Rays Engineering is  releasing a revised version of the TE37 called TE37 SL for Track Setup.  The TE37 Super Lap (SL) wheel is lighter than the regular TE37, about 1lbs lighter than the standard TE37.  Rays was able to achieve this by trimming unnecessary weight of the center hub, which means that no center cap will fit on these (But I’m sure track guys won’t mind, because who needs center caps on the track?).

These will be available for most 5×114.3 & 5×120 application in 17″, 18″, & 19″.  The finishing color is press graphite only.  However, these are way cheaper than standard TE37.  Below is retail price; contact www.KamiSpeed.com for better pricing.  These will be available sometime in June-July, 2010.

17X75 PRESSED GRAPHITE $                  619
17X85 PRESSED GRAPHITE $                  640
17X9 PRESSED GRAPHITE $                  651
17X95 PRESSED GRAPHITE $                  661
18X95 PRESSED GRAPHITE $                  736
18X10 PRESSED GRAPHITE $                  747
18X105 PRESSED GRAPHITE $                  757
18X11 PRESSED GRAPHITE $                  768
19X95 PRESSED GRAPHITE $                  811
19X105 PRESSED GRAPHITE $                  832

14 thoughts on “Rays Volk TE37 SL Wheel

  1. PRTizzle says:

    Haha you guys. Hector I need that replied bro. I think i didnt get it. Billy and Adam you guys are crazy. Just want the Z have a stance you know. Adam I got it bro. Let me know when you are available so you can take a look at it :shady:
    Billy Let me get some stuff done and I’ll stop by to pick up the diffuser cant wait man. 😀


  2. PRTizzle says:

    LOL. You can write me a message on this site.

    You guys I need another favor. I am looking for Volk CE28 specs are 17*9.5 all around with an offset of +35 and +40. Staggered set


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