S2000 Circuit Spec 10row Oil Cooler Kit

Specially designed for S2000s that road race. The new S2000 AP1/AP2 Circuit Spec 10row Oil Cooler Kit, has specially designed ducting to increase air flow through the core. A type of v-mount setup for increase efficiency.

The kit forces more air through the core with inlet ducting and specially designed outlet ducting by taking advantage of the motion of airflow from underneath the car to pull even more air through the core. This provides increase cooling and efficiency during track.

This product retails at $820 from Greddy USA.


4 thoughts on “S2000 Circuit Spec 10row Oil Cooler Kit

  1. adam says:

    Wow, This is great!! Do you have any more information on this product?
    Will this work well with the Beatrush Underpanels?

    Question** does this only work well with N/A cars? Not sure if I could see a front mount squeezing in with that. Unless its V-Mounted.


  2. adam says:

    (Jason) You have this? Thats Sweet! Did you notice much difference?
    Question: Is there any way you can take pictures?
    I would love to see “Real Time” pics!

    Thanks Jason


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