2011 Brings More Options for STI

Back in 2008, Subaru released the current body style hatchback for the WRX & STI. This was the first time Subaru ever offered a hatchback model for the super scoobies. Many of us Subaru fans were shocked at the change, since we were so used to the Sedan body.  But like me, many Subaru owners quickly felt in love with the hatchback due to its aggressive body (mainly on the STI). And converted many non Subaru fans into Scoobie believers.

Well, for those that still don’t like the hatchback; you will get a kick out of this.  Subaru will be releasing a sedan version that will be sold along with the Hatchback. This is the first time, Subaru will offer 2 types of body styles on a single model. And to make it even better, the WRX will get the wide body from the STI :).

According to Subaru, the 2011 WRX & STI models will be significantly lighter than the hatchback with new aluminum front lower L-arms that reduce unsprung vehicle weight. Ride height was also lowered and new pillow-ball bushings were installed up front, with stiffer bushings out back for the double-wishbone suspension-supporting rear subframe.

The STI will be equipped with thicker front and rear stabilizer bars – up 1 mm from and rear – which help to increase spring rates by 15.6 percent in the front, and a substantial 53 percent in the rear. The new 18-inch aluminum wheels – standard – weigh an impressive 17.6 lbs. less than the previous standard wheels. There are also optional 18×8.5-inch BBS forged aluminum wheels that reduce unsprung weight even further by losing another 4.4 lbs. each, while sporting a silver high-luster paint for 2011.

The potent 305 horsepower inter-cooled and turbocharged 2.5-liter Boxer engine remains under the hood for 2011 STIs, along with a six-speed manual transmission.  And the WRX will have its 265 horsepower and 244 lb-ft torque with 5 speed.

This time the STI sedan version, will have a more aggressive spoiler to produce noticeable downforce.  However, it kind of reminds me of the EVO 8/9 end wings. Don’t you think? As of now, we’re not to excited about the wing. But according to Subaru the STI can be ordered without the wing or you can opt for WRX package.  Until this thing is released and grows on us, so far the Hatchback is our favorite new body style so far.

Subaru USA
New York AutoShow


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