Spoon Sports Honda CR-Z part 2

With the previous parts developed by Spoon Sports. Spoon is moving forward with even more parts for the Honda CR-Z. They truly will make this a one of a kind race car hybrid.

With optimum gear ratio been key for road racing. Spoon began the removal of the transmission as seen above. You can see how odd pieces of the motor are revealed during this R&D.
Spoon Sports will be developing the proper gear ratio and final gear for this Hybrid.
As well as an LSD system for the sports hybrid.

Next, chassis stability will further be enhanced by developing a better sub-frame collar; even though the oem is pretty good according to critics.
This will provide better driving stability and reduce motor movement during start. Overall, enhancing the whole feel of the car.

Since the motor will be the hardest thing to tackle.  Spoon then looks into aero parts by developing an actual aero mirrors for the hybrid CR-Z.  As you saw in the previous article,  Spoon used an S2000 aero mirror for this car.  However, in order to reduce weight and provide actual aerodynamic enhancement, they will develop an actual one for the Honda CR-Z.
Using the non contact type 3 dimensional instrument, they take measurement and develop the product through CAD.  As with all Spoon Sports parts, expect this product to fit like OEM.

Spoon Sports will start testing on the track April 1st, 2010.

Stay tune for more.


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