Honda Racing’s New Toy

The Super GT Race Series is the mecca of new toys for most Japanese car manufacturers.  Where they bring there latest technology and test out new production cars that have or will hit the market.  However, this is not always the case and there are exceptions to the rule.  One such exception is the use of a production-ready car, even if the car is not in production yet.

This is where Honda decided to hit the bucket with the NSX-GT and bring in there new weapon; the Honda HSV-010.  Unlike the NSX mid-engine layout; this is the first time Honda will bring a front-engine rear-drive to improve stability.  It sounds crazy, but according to Honda the “HSV-010 GT will be “the ultimate cornering machine” that would even surpass the NSX”.

Since the Honda HSV-010 will compete in the GT500 class, the new model will use a 3.4-liter V8 liquid-cooled, naturally aspirated engine with 2 intake and 2 exhaust valves per cylinder that develops 500+ hp and 392+ Nm of torque.  As if the power wasn’t enough the car weights a mere 2426lbs or 1100kg and has a wheel base of 2.7000.

With all this hype and Honda getting this far to making this a production ready car; this might be the NSX replacement.  However, with the turn of the economy, it is doubtful Honda would release a new high-end sports car this year.  Specially since Honda seems to be focusing on more mass-marketable vehicles, like the upcoming Honda CR-Z Hybrid.  There’s just no room for small niche markets in the upcoming years.  But we can still cross our fingers to see this baby rolling down the street.


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