C-West Releases STI GRB Aero Kit

C-West has released an aero kit for the new STI GRB that’s readily available for purchase.  Like all there aero kits, you can expect this kit to fit like OEM and it comes in PFRP (Pliable Fiber Reinforced Plastic) for extra flexibility.

The C-West full kit for GRB features designs to improve downforce and reduce engine and brake rotor temperatures. The front bumper features a groove to increase air intake to the motor and optional fog lamp attachment.

C-West also redesigned the rear bumper to reduce any parachute effect by providing the right circulation of air while at high speeds.

To finish the kit of; the C-west rear spoiler for STI GRB offers adjust-ability to dial down the right amount of downforce on the rear.

The full kit retails at $2805 with wing and fog-lamp kit.  However, you can purchase the parts separately.  For more information on the product and individual prices, please visit C-West USA or contact us for the best deal.


One thought on “C-West Releases STI GRB Aero Kit

  1. adam says:

    That C-west bumper looks really clean. They always have those 2 holes in the front bumper, likes its their signature. Watch Version 2 come out……. No Holes.

    I think its clean as hell though.

    Did they wind tunnel test this kit to? I know C-West is known for that.



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