3″ S2000 Cat-Back the HKS Hi-Power Racing ver.

Here we have the new 3″ HKS Hi-Power Racing Version cat-back for the Honda S2000.  This single sided cat-back is an affordable 75mm cat-back that allows maximum performance potential on high power natural aspirated and forced-induction S2000’s.

Utilizing a polished SUS304 muffler and 75mm SUS304 piping routed to fit all S2000’s; the HKS Hi-Power Racing Version features a 97mm titanium tip that is adjustable in length to accommodate both the AP1 (2000-2003) and AP2 (2004+) models. MSRP for the Hi-Power Racing Version is $ 695.00 and the system is designated for Off-Road use only.

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4 thoughts on “3″ S2000 Cat-Back the HKS Hi-Power Racing ver.

  1. adam says:

    I really like this exhaust. This is the same exhaust that the new Voltex S2000 is running correct? It sounds amazing. Would this be only recommended for certain horse power s2000’s? Only reason I ask is because of the 3″ pipe.


  2. adam says:

    ^^ Hector, The GOD FATHER!! ^^ Yea man… I can agree to that. Trust me, I plan on being the best. And only having the BEST. I don’t care how long it takes.
    —– Thats why I have you guys -_- =)


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