EVO X HKS GT Extension Kit

HKS has released a cast turbo housing and front pipe for the 09+ Evolution 10. The new turbo housing increases volume by 25% increasing horsepower and torque in the entire RPM range.  The HKS GT Extension Kit for EVO X’s part number is 14019-AM002 and it retails for $880.

Key Features
● The stock turbine offers a compromise between low RPM response and mid-range power. In the higher RPM range, power may feel limited due to increases in backpressure. By improving exhaust efficiency with the GT Extension kit, boost pressure will increase earlier and maintain its increase in power and torque throughout the entire RPM range.
● Constructed of stainless steel, a Lost-Wax or Investment Casting process was used to manufacture the ideal shape of the extension housing based on CAD design. This process eliminates the need to weld 2 pieces of material together reducing the chances of cracks and failure due to heat. The smooth surface of the lost-wax casting process assists in the flow of the exhaust gas while ensuring durability and reliability.
● The GT Extension kit features two separate ports for the turbine impeller and the wastegate actuator. By utilizing two independent ports, HKS has been able to reduce the exhaust interference caused by single-port extension housings. The result is a smoother exhaust flow and a reduction in backpressure enabling improved boost response and consistent turbocharger boost levels throughout the RPM range.
● The GT Extension kit replaces the factory extension housing and includes a front pipe that bolts up to the factory catalytic convertor. To reduce vibration caused by one piece front pipes and to improve durability, the HKS GT Extension kit connects to the front pipe utilizing the factory ball joint gasket.


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