Spoon Sports Honda CR-Z

The upcoming hybrid sports Honda CR-Z has already made its ways to Spoon Sports hands.  The 140-horsepower, 1.8-liter Civic-derived engine, is a lightweight 2 seater with a mere 2,670 lbs.  A great car to develop performance parts for and Spoon Sports has already made the right moves for it.

As with every performance car, the first thing that must be done is remove the car’s restrictions and provide it with a sportier sound.  Spoon Sports did just that by making there famous N1 Muffler for this hybrid.

Second, Spoon Sports decided to go with there sport coilover kit to provide the car with a lower center of gravity and increase tire grip by providing the correct spring rate and dampening according to the car’s weight and turn feel.

Overall, the car was given a 2″ drop all the way around for the proper stance and suspension feel over stock.  And for that added touch they installed a pair of there new Spoon Aero Mirrors.

To finish the first line of developed CR-Z products; Spoon Sports upgraded there CR-Z with 15″ Spoon slotted rotors, Spoon twin-block calipers, Spoon pads, and special edition Spoon Sports wheels.  These upcoming Spoon 17″ wheels were wrapped with sticky 225/45 Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires.

With a greater stopping power achieved; Spoon Sports was also able to reduce rotating mass by reducing weight with there brake/ wheel combo.

According to Spoon Sports, this is just a small portion of what they will be developing in the near future for the Honda CR-Z.  Like Honda they want to create a fun sporty Hybrid car that can take on standard gas-fueled cars.  Stay tune for more.


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