Spoon Sports Honda CR-Z part 2

With the previous parts developed by Spoon Sports. Spoon is moving forward with even more parts for the Honda CR-Z. They truly will make this a one of a kind race car hybrid.

With optimum gear ratio been key for road racing. Spoon began the removal of the transmission as seen above. You can see how odd pieces of the motor are revealed during this R&D.
Spoon Sports will be developing the proper gear ratio and final gear for this Hybrid.
As well as an LSD system for the sports hybrid.

Next, chassis stability will further be enhanced by developing a better sub-frame collar; even though the oem is pretty good according to critics.
This will provide better driving stability and reduce motor movement during start. Overall, enhancing the whole feel of the car.

Since the motor will be the hardest thing to tackle.  Spoon then looks into aero parts by developing an actual aero mirrors for the hybrid CR-Z.  As you saw in the previous article,  Spoon used an S2000 aero mirror for this car.  However, in order to reduce weight and provide actual aerodynamic enhancement, they will develop an actual one for the Honda CR-Z.
Using the non contact type 3 dimensional instrument, they take measurement and develop the product through CAD.  As with all Spoon Sports parts, expect this product to fit like OEM.

Spoon Sports will start testing on the track April 1st, 2010.

Stay tune for more.


2010 Super GT series *****starto! Round 1

The 2010 Autobacs’ Super GT started the season at the world famous Suzuka track March 20th, 2010.
Suzuka is one of the oldest remaining tracks on the Grand Prix circuit.  Being one of the very few in the world to have a figure 8 layout.  Due to its unique layout, Suzuka is a massive test of driver skill and is easily one of the most difficult racing circuits in the world.

The event began Saturday with qualifying rounds.  The entry list for GT500 race cars was dominated by SC430 and the new Honda HSV-010, with the GT-R been the minority. However, this didn’t make much of a difference for the qualifying rounds as the Weider HSV-010 took pole position with 1minute 53.182sec, the ZENT CERUMO SC430 came in second at 1minute 53.277sec, and the MOTUL AUTECH GT-R with a 1minute 53.367sec as the 3rd fastest. Behind them followed the ENEOS SC430, MJ KRAFT SC430, CALSONIC IMPUL GT-R, RAYBRIG HSV-010, PETRONAS TOM’S SC430, & EPSON HSV-010 which made the top nine cut-off.

In the GT300 qualifying rounds, pole position was taken by M7 MUTIARA MOTORS AMEMIYA with Nobeteru Taniguchi behind the wheel with the fastest time at 2minute 05.391sec. Second came from JIMGAINER DIXCEL DUNLOP F430 and third with UP START MOLA Z with 2minute 05.827sec. Following the next six in order were ARTA Garaiya, COROLLA Axio apr GT, WedsSport IS350, HASEMI SPORT TOMICA Z, JLOC Lamborghini RG-3, & apr COROLLA Axio.

During the main race on Sunday in the GT500 series, neither of the previous top 3 fastest cars did well. The Weider HSV-010 that took pole position during qualifying rounds, crash during the main race with another Honda HSV-010 from Epson during the 11th lap. Lowering the chances for a Honda HSV to win at Suzuka. The ZENT CERUMO SC430 that took 2nd spot, ended up in 9th place with 1 lap difference from the winner; with the MOTUL AUTECH GT-R over passing it to 8th place.

With an amazing feat, The HIS ADVAN KONDO GT-R came from 10th position to take first place with the fastest time at 1minute 53.23sec. Following the GT-R, came the ENEOS SC430 0’09.322 seconds behind, and third the RAYBRIG HSV-010 with 0’15.397 seconds behind the GT-R. Like the qualifying rounds; Nissan, Lexus, and Honda cars all received top 3 positions for the GT500 class.

Unlike the big dog’s class, the GT300 race was a whole different game. Competition between cars maintain the same as the qualifying rounds with a few exceptions from crashes.  The M7 MUTIARA MOTORS AMEMIYASGC 7 maintain its spot and won 1st place with a time of 1minute 53’59.916 seconds, breaking his qualifying time’s best lap.  Point 31 seconds behind came the UP START MOLA Z from 3rd spot to 2nd place with an amazing battle against the M7 car.  Last, the WedsSport’s IS350 ended up taking 3rd place with Orido behind the wheel.  For more on the JGTC races, make sure to visit

Super GT

Redline Time Attack Kicks Off for 2010 (Practice Run)

For 2010 Redline Time Attack starts off with Buttonwillow Raceway Park which is 1 out of 10 events that Redline will host for the year.

For starters, here’s what everyone ran during practice run Saturday the 27th of March, 2010.  In the COBB Tuning Modified Class, Brian Lock, driving the COBB Tuning Nissan GT-R ran a best time of 1:49.828 in later afternoon practice. Rod Morley, driving the VOLO Motorsports Evo ran a quick 1:55.605. James Elterman, in the Takata Time Attack Impreza V.2, turned a 1:55.750. Jeremy Renshaw dropped down to a 1:55.285 in the AFI Turbo Honda S2000. Matt Andrews continues to turn heads in the Mitsubishi Eclipse from last season, but now running in Modified FWD, with a best time of 1:54.070!

Carl Rydquist, also in the COBB Tuning Modified Class turned a best lap of 1:55.747 in his City Tire Online/Hankook supported Porsche.

Cameron Benner, one of the new Franchise Team Drivers for 2010, in the COBB Tuning Subaru Impreza, competing in the Buddy Club Street Tire Class, ran a 1:57.925, to be the fastest Street Tire Class car of the day on Saturday.

The crew at World Racing were hard at work all day Saturday getting the car ready for some late afternoon practice. In only his first practice session of the day, Chris Rado unofficially broke his own track record in Super Modified FWD, with a lap time of 1:47.696! An absolutely insane lap time for a FWD car! We also spoke with Chris and he informed us he would not be attending the event in Australia, so Redline Time Attack fans can look forward to the debut of his new AWD Scion tC at a Redline Time Attack event later this year!

Be sure to follow our live timing and scoring for the event today, simply by visiting our website by clicking here.

APR Releases Universal CF NACA Air Duct

Excessive heat can cause major and expensive damage to critical components in a car. Engine bays, radiators, brakes, transmissions, and differentials all need good air flow to help transfer away unwanted heat. APR NACA Air Ducts help bring fresh cooling air to different areas that need additional cooling. Built using pre-preg. carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite materials for superior strength-to-weight ratio, APR NACA Air Ducts add both function and “lightness” where it counts.


  • Carbon Fiber Construction
    This component is formed in the autoclave at high temperatures using pre-pregnated carbon fiber manufacturing processes, for high strength and low weight.
  • UV Resistant Coating
    Each Air Duct is finished with UV-resistant clear-coat paint for resistance against various environmental conditions (take care of this as you would take care of your vehicle’s paint finish – polish then coat with good-quality wax or synthetic protectant).
  • Mounting Hardware Included
    Screws, nuts and bolts are all included to allow you to install the APR NACA Air Ducts to your vehicle.

Honda Racing’s New Toy

The Super GT Race Series is the mecca of new toys for most Japanese car manufacturers.  Where they bring there latest technology and test out new production cars that have or will hit the market.  However, this is not always the case and there are exceptions to the rule.  One such exception is the use of a production-ready car, even if the car is not in production yet.

This is where Honda decided to hit the bucket with the NSX-GT and bring in there new weapon; the Honda HSV-010.  Unlike the NSX mid-engine layout; this is the first time Honda will bring a front-engine rear-drive to improve stability.  It sounds crazy, but according to Honda the “HSV-010 GT will be “the ultimate cornering machine” that would even surpass the NSX”.

Since the Honda HSV-010 will compete in the GT500 class, the new model will use a 3.4-liter V8 liquid-cooled, naturally aspirated engine with 2 intake and 2 exhaust valves per cylinder that develops 500+ hp and 392+ Nm of torque.  As if the power wasn’t enough the car weights a mere 2426lbs or 1100kg and has a wheel base of 2.7000.

With all this hype and Honda getting this far to making this a production ready car; this might be the NSX replacement.  However, with the turn of the economy, it is doubtful Honda would release a new high-end sports car this year.  Specially since Honda seems to be focusing on more mass-marketable vehicles, like the upcoming Honda CR-Z Hybrid.  There’s just no room for small niche markets in the upcoming years.  But we can still cross our fingers to see this baby rolling down the street.

Unbelivable Victory by Peugeot @ 12 Hours of Sebring

Alexander Wurz’s outlap after his final stop was quick enough for an overall victory for himself and Team Peugeot Total teammates Marc Gene and Anthony Davidson. Wurz drove his diesel-powered Peugeot 908 HDi FAP to a 13.817-second win at the 58th Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring presented by Fresh from Florida, a first in the event for the famed French marque.

Sebastien Bourdais, Nic Minassian and Pedro Lamy were second, putting an exclamation point on the weekend for the French Lions. The Peugeots were 1-2 in every official session this week.

Gene and Wurz were teammates for Peugeot’s historic victory at the Le Mans 24 Hours in June 2009. The 908 HDi now holds trophies from all of the major endurance races with a win at Petit Le Mans in September.

“We pushed, everyone was 100 percent,” said Wurz, who won at Le Mans last year with Gene. The strategy people had smoke coming out of their ears. It was down to three seconds (the margin) for the last stop. It came down to Sebastian and myself.”

The factory Peugeot team used the race as a warmup for Le Mans. Aston Martin Racing with its Lola B09/60-Aston Martin and Drayson Racing’s Lola B09/60-Judd provided the biggest challenges early. The Drayson Lola proved tough early on with Emanuele Pirro running second between the two Peugeots in the early going before it fell back with cooling and radiator issues.

“With Peugeot we came here as a team and wanted to accomplish a goal and we did,” said Davidson, who finished second in GTS during the 2003 race. “This was a big challenge to get through the traffic efficiently. That was where we excelled today. It’s a big challenge for the cars. We know the circuit will throw up all kinds of issues for reliability. It’s important to win the race, but also for preparations for Le Mans later in the year.”

Adrian Fernandez, Harold Primat and Stefan Mücke placed third in the Lola-Aston Martin, making its first start in the 12 Hours. It will go up against Peugeot at Le Mans, as will Audi. Gene is convinced the trip to Sebring will be worth it come the 24 Hours.

“We really think and after driving, this is the best prep for Le Mans,” he said. “In those corners especially the last one, you find the right places to over take, in Turn 17 you can overtake in the outside but a few times I picked up a lot of rubber. It’s a tough track but perfect practice for overtaking. The bumps are more perfect for Le Mans than maybe Paul Ricard, where it is more smooth. There isn’t any other corner in the world like that.”

Greg Pickett, Klaus Graf and Sascha Maassen won in LMP2 for Muscle Milk Team CytoSport. Their Porsche RS Spyder won by three laps over the Patrón Highcroft Racing HPD ARX-01c, which led until an electrical problem inside four hours to go set them back.

It marked Porsche’s second Sebring class victory for the RS Spyder, which made its first 12 Hours start in 2006. Penske Racing won overall in 2008, and Saturday’s win by CytoSport was the first time an independent team won in North America with the prototype.

“I really like this magnificent machine,” said an enthused Pickett. “You expect that from Porsche. We were glad to run with the Michelin tires this year, and I’m tickled we could double and triple stint them. I’m 63 now; to do this at this level of competition… my teammates did the heavy lifting. They let me get in a little bit. It was a wonderful adventure. We do this for fun, the better we do it, the more fun we have.”

The Patrón Highcroft car of David Brabham, Simon Pagenaud and Marino Franchitti had dominated the opening two-thirds of the race and led by five laps when the electrical malady reared its head. Graf kept ticking off lap after lap while the helpless Highcroft car sat still in pitlane.

“I have to say that I have tried to win here with the Spyder quite a few times, but this time I was successful,” said Maassen, who won in class at Sebring for the fifth time but first in a prototype. “We had luck, that’s for sure. We had our plan, we did exactly what we wanted to do. We drive safe and steady and stay out of the pits. That is the key to an endurance race.”

“It was quiet on the radio. Bringing it home was special for me,” Graf said. “You had to keep your concentration up to not make a mistake especially in the dark.
I can’t thank Greg enough to put this team together. He has a great appreciation for this sport, and everyone one in this room knows what it takes to put something like this together.”

Chris Dyson, Guy Smith and Andy Meyrick placed third in class with their isobutanol-powered Lola B09/86-Mazda. The car experienced electrical sensor issues early.

Risi Competizione won in GT2, the team’s sixth straight victory in a major endurance race. Jaime Melo, Gimmi Bruni and Pierre Kaffer took a one-lap victory in their Ferrari F430 GT over BMW Rahal Letterman Racing’s two BMW M3s, which swapped positions on the last turn of the last lap.

Risi now has won consecutively at Sebring, Le Mans and Petit Le Mans, etching even more history in the F430 GT.

“I think it’s everything together,” said Melo, who won for the third time at the 12 Hours. “The team is a very, very good team. With three drivers who are very consistent like Gimmi and Pierre… that’s the way to win this kind of race. The Michelin tires are very consistent and work well for us. The preparation of the car is the key to this race. I know the F430 from when we started developing the car. We want to put it in the history books, so we want to win this year so bad. We can send it off in a good way.”

The fight in GT2 was a fantastic scrap before attrition started to take its toll. Team Falken Tire led early on in its Porsche and had two wheels come off on consecutive laps. The second hit the then-second-place Flying Lizard Motorsports Porsche, which lost three laps in the pits. Corvette Racing’s two Corvettes collided in pit lane when one Corvette C6.R tried to leave its pit box and another came in simultaneously.

That left the Risi Ferrari and two BMWs to duke it out. All totaled, the winning Risi Ferrari led for approximately 10 hours. It led from nearly the 90-minute mark until a caution period just past the halfway point when the Lizard Porsche beat the Ferrari out of the pits. It took Bruni all of a half lap to retake the lead.

“We showed the three of us, Risi, and Michelin worked really well together,” said Bruni, who won for the first time in the Series. “This really helps. (with momentum). We’ve known each other a while. Jaime has been with this car for a good long time.”

In the new LMPC class, Level 5 Motorsports’ trio of Scott Tucker, Christophe Bouchut and Mark Wilkins won handily with their ORECA FLM09 prototype. They won by 16 laps over the Green Earth Team Gunnar trio of Gunnar Jeannette, Christian Zugel and Elton Julian.

“I took the start and the car was working really well, even if we had a small problem in warmup, a problem with the engine,” Bouchut said. “We thought maybe it wouldn’t work like we expected, but not at all. The mechanics really did a great job putting it together.”

This was the first race for the ORECA-built machines, which are helping develop future prototype drivers and teams for the American Le Mans Series competition. Tucker and Wilkins made their first start in the Series, and Bouchut made just his 13th start.

“We haven’t had a lot of time in the car but it’s a really nice package,” Tucker said. “It’s sophisticated but simple. It was no problem running a triple stint in it. I really like the car.”

Genoa Racing’s Andy Wallace, JR Hildebrand and Tom Sutherland placed second in class.

Alex Job Racing made a triumphant return to the Series with a sweep of the GT Challenge podium. Butch Leitzinger, Juan Gonzalez and Leh Keen won by three laps over the sister car of Bill Sweedler, Romeo Kapudija and Jan-Dirk Lueders.

Keen put the car on the class pole position Friday, and the No. 81 entry ran a clean race on a day when that wasn’t too easy. The only blemish was a speeding violation in pit lane but the winning AJR car held up well over the course of the 12 hours.

“By the time I got in it, these two had done such a good job,” said Leitzinger, who won in GTU at Sebring in 1990. “The prep was really showing through; people were having problems and we weren’t. It was about as easy as a Sebring gets. We didn’t have to pull out these huge laps to catch anyone.”

AJR, based in nearly Tavares, Fla., won at Sebring for the sixth time. All of Alex Job’s victories in the famed race have come with Porsches. Ricardo Gonzalez, Luis Diaz and Patrick Kelly drove the third AJR car.

“The last 12 hours have been really intense,” Keen said. “I have to give it to Alex. He really knows what he’s doing. He put together some great GTC cars for us. There was not a mark on the car. All the guys did an awesome job.”

The Peugeot prototype of Bourdais, Minassian and Lamy were prototype winners in the MICHELIN® GREEN X® Challenge, with the Flying Lizard Motorsports’ trio of Seth Neiman, Darren Law and Richard Lietz the GT winners. The award goes to the prototype and GT entry in each class that goes the farthest, the fastest and with the smallest amount of environmental impact.

Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring presented by Fresh from Florida
Sebring International Raceway, Sebring, Fla.
Saturday’s results

1. (1) Alexander Wurz; Marc Gene, Spain; Anthony Davidson, England; Peugeot 908 HDI FAP (1, P1), 367.
2. (2) Sebastien Bourdais, France; Nicolas Minassian, England; Pedro Lamy, Lisbon Portugal; Peugeot 908 HDI FAP (2, P1), 367.
3. (3) Adrian Fernandez, Mexico; Stefan Mucke, Germany; Harold Primat, Switzerland; Lola B09 60/Aston Martin (3, P1), 364.
4. (6) Greg Pickett, Alamo, CA; Klaus Graf, Germany; Sascha Maassen, Germany; Porsche RS Spyder (1, P2), 353.
5. (5) Simon Pagenaud, France; Marino Franchitti, Scotland; David Brabham, Australia; HPD ARX-01c (2, P2), 349.
6. (15) Jaime Melo, Brazil; Gianmaria Bruni, Italy; Pierre Kaffer, Germany; Ferrari 430 GT (1, GT2), 331.
7. (19) Dirk Werner, Germany; Bill Auberlen, Hermosa Beach, CA; Tom Milner, Leesburg, VA; BMW E92 M3 (2, GT2), 330.
8. (34) Dirk Mueller, Germany; Joey Hand, Sacramento, CA; Andy Priaulx, Germany; BMW E92 M3 (3, GT2), 330.
9. (13) Jorg Bergmeister, Germany; Patrick Long, Oak Park, CA; Marc Lieb, Germany; Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (4, GT2), 329.
10. (11) Christophe Bouchut, France; Mark Wilkins, Canada; Scott Tucker; Oreca FLM09 (1, LMPC), 327.
11. (28) Seth Neiman, Burlingame, CA; Richard Lietz, Austria; Darren Law, Phoenix, AZ; Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (5, GT2), 325.
12. (4) Emanuele Pirro, Italy; Paul Drayson, London, UK; Jonny Cocker, UK; Lola B09 60/Judd (4, P1), 324.
13. (20) Guy Cosmo, Long Island, NY; Joao Barbosa, Portugal; Ed Brown, Las Vegas, NV; Ferrari 430 GT (6, GT2), 323.
14. (23) Nic Jonsson, Sweden; Eric van de Poele, Belgium; Tracy Krohn, Houston, TX; Ferrari 430 GT (7, GT2), 321.
15. (16) Jan Magnussen, Denmark; Johnny O`Connell, Flowery Branch, GA; Antonio Garcia, Spain; Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (8, GT2), 320.
16. (17) Oliver Gavin, England; Emmanuel Collard, France; Olivier Beretta, Monaco; Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (9, GT2), 320.
17. 18. (22) Leh Keen, Dublin, GA; Juan Gonzalez, Mexico; Butch Leitzinger, State College, PA; Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (1, GTC), 308.
18. (25) Romeo Kapudija, Lincolnwood, IL; Jan-Dirk Lueders; Bill Sweedler, Westport, CT; Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (2, GTC), 305.
19. (24) Luis Diaz, Mexico; Patrick Kelly, Minnestrista,MN; Ricardo Gonzalez, Mexico; Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (3, GTC), 304.
20. (7) Chris Dyson, Pleasant Valley, NY; Guy Smith, England; Andy Meyrick; Lola B09 86/Mazda (3, P2), 303.
21. (32) Robert Rodriguez, Zephyr Cove, NV; Galen Bieker, Burbank, CA; Cory Friedman; Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (4, GTC), 302.
22. (21) David Murry, Cumming, GA; Andrea Robertson, Ray, MI; David Robertson, Ray, MI; Doran Design Ford GT (10, GT2), 300.
23. (26) Shane Lewis, Jupiter, FL; Jerry Vento, Palm Beach, FL; Lawson Aschenbach, West Palm Beach, FL; Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (5, GTC), 299.
24. (29) Henri Richard, Los Altos Hills; Andy Lally, New York, NY; Duncan Ende, Los Angeles, CA; Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (6, GTC), 282.
25. (33) Andy Wallace, England; Tom Sutherland, Los Gatos, CA; JR Hildebrand; Oreca FLM09 (2, LMPC), 281.
26. (27) Andy Pilgrim, Del Ray Beach, FL; Brett Curtis, Valencia, CA; James Sofronas, Newport Beach, CA; Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (7, GTC), 280.
27. (18) Scott Sharp, Jupiter; Johannes van Overbeek, San Francisco, CA; Dominik Farnbacher, Germany; Ferrari 430 GT (11, GT2), 271.
28. (14) Wolf Henzler, Germany; Patrick Pilet, France; Bryan Sellers, Centerville, OH; Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (12, GT2), 255.
29. (30) Joel Feinberg, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Kyle Marcelli; Tom Weickardt, Whitefish Bay, WI; Oreca FLM09 (3, LMPC), 234.
30. (12) Mitch Pagery, Deerfield Beach, FL; Brian Wong; David Ducote; Oreca FLM09 (4, LMPC), 232.
31. (31) Paul Gentilozzi, Lansing, MI; Marc Goosens, Belgium; Ryan Dalziel, Scotland; Jaguar XKRS (13, GT2), 11, Cooling.
32. (8) Bryan Willman, Kirkland, WA; Tony Burgess, Canada; Pierre Ehret, Santa Rosa, CA; Lola B06 10/AER (5, P1), 0, Excluded.
33. (9) Gunnar Jeannette, Palm Beach Gardens, FL; Elton Julian, Los Angeles, CA; Christian Zugel; Oreca FLM09 (6, LMPC), Excluded
34. (10) Ryan Hunter-Reay, Boca Raton, FL; Scott Tucker; James Gue, Athens, GA; Oreca FLM09 (7, LMPC), 224.

Bride Japan seat commercial

Here’s a video of Bride Japan’s official seat commercial. You know…the japanese manufacturer for performance and racing seats. The Holding Monster!

Now….How awesome would this be if we actually saw this on mainstream TV? I say make it happen Bride, even though is not cheap. 🙂