Let’s rewind: Ursula Mayes

Ursula Mayes and Kami

Ursula Mayes Ursula Mayes 2

Taking it back to 2005 HIN Miami. We wanted to start our Tuner Model section with an oldy; with Ursula Mayes and our Shop STI.  The korean/german/native american girl is no stranger in the tuner scene.  She was the spokes model for HIN for a couple of years and the official cover girl for Juiced 2.  And appeared on 3 top automotive publications simultaneously.  The first and only model to do so.  Record breaking Super Street cover + featured model – 5 times!

Since we met Ursual back in 2005, her fame has skyrocketed from spokes model for major companies, to cover magazine features worldwide, and even a Deal or NoDeal suitcase model.  It was obvious from the day she stepped into the tuner scene that doors would open for her in ways she wouldn’t have imagined.  Never has an HIN girl moved so fast up the latter than her in a matter of years.  We love the fact that Ursula is a car enthusiast and more that she owns 3 performance cars.  Ursula Mayes FTW!

For more information on Ursula, her career, pictures, and more:

Click here for Ursula Mayes official site


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