2016 S2Ki Mega Meet hosted by KamiSpeed

24249726254_a607b67652_kWe have a history of hosting great S2000 Meets in the South East. First in 2009, then in 2013, and now this past weekend.

IMG_7617We once again hosted the S2Ki Mega Meet with the date set months in advance. As the date approached the list grew with a total of 199 confirmed. Unfortunately when the day arrived an nebulous and rainy forecast set somewhat of a damper on attendance. Even so, we ended up counting over 90 S2K (some people left before we could get an exact number). While the rain did end the celebration a bit early, the overcast lighting made a great backdrop for pictures. We ourselves did not get the chance to take pictures, but from we have seen these are our favorite!


Thanks to Chris and Jonathan for the great shots! Here are their photosets so you can see more!

Chris Bhulai Photoset

Jonathan Ralleca Photoset

3rd Annual Subaru Mega Meet

This past weekend was a rough cold weekend for the ages. Most of the east coast was pummeled with snow, some of which almost made it to Florida… almost. It was especially cold for the New England Patriots, who saw their playoff dreams cut short for the third year straight, but I digress.

Despite the cold and wind, we made it out to the 3rd Annual Subaru Mega Meet, destination Tampa, Florida. Forecast was mid 40’s with 30 mph winds, putting the temperature with wind chill factor in the mid 20’s. Crazy.


The turn out was surprisingly strong given the weak Floridian cold tolerance, with the event coordinators putting the total number of Subarus at 976 (not including other vehicles: FR-S, Saab, etc). In between our vendor work and huddling for warmth we were able to make it around roughly half of the meet (sorry if we missed your car).

24514480951_7a79b33e17_oVendor’s had the best view, with all attendants coming in and leaving in front of our booths. The range of Subaru’s was mixed, with mostly Imprezas, but there was a wide range of chassis and models. Among them was with Subaru Leone that we managed to capture as it rolled by.

23969617843_bed18187fc_oJade Crew made their appearance with this beautifully built bug-eye; sitting pretty on Volk Racing TE37SL Black Edition and Project Mu Big Brakes.

24301167300_9030e72ea0_o24514437241_5ef7804a54_oThe Highway Star fam had a big appearance with their pair of garage built GD Sedans. Like always they had a great collection of authenticly discontinued and rare steering wheels, a very lust-worthy VeilSide bucket, and their full set of merch.

24488388132_d014880960_oCentral Florida local Rev Works came out with their big guns with this beast 650HP GVB build. It featured a plethora of engine work and most notably an inverted intake manifold among it’s full list of mods.

24227097069_c883c56d98_o24514311611_7bca488b63_oWhile most of the Florida market is dominated by new wheel companies, there was still a notable presence of Japanese wheels, from GramLights 57DR to Work Meister S1. Both of which were some of our favorite builds.

24596590945_befccf48cb_oLastly we would like to give a big shout out to our booth vehicles: Marc and his impressive GR (pictured), Sabrina and her tastefully built BRZ, Chad and his beautiful 2015 WRX, and Leo with his All-STi 2016 WRX STi. We somehow didn’t take any pictures of our own booth and most of our booth vehicles (Chad we owe you that photoshoot). But you can be assured that next year we will try to get more coverage of the event!

For the full set of pictures check out our Flick or Facebook Page:




2016 Leon Hardiritt Line-up

Through our numerous sources and industry spies aka Facebook… we have received the scoop that Leon Hardiritt is gearing up their Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 display with a pair of new wheels for the new calendar year!

If you keep up with Super Star Wheels, you know they made huge waves in 2015 with the release of their Gemut wheel. Now that 2016 is around the corner two new models are in the works.

Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce the new Seele and progress-line Reise:

New Releases SEMA Edition: Suspension Guide

Like most of you know last week was the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Aside from the usual debauchery associated from a week in Vegas… we have quite the update for new product releases from your favorite suspension companies.

BC Racing

BC Racing North America came out big this year with the release of their BC Forged line of wheels (more on this later). While that took up most of the attention there were a few updates from BC Racing that should excite us all!

Type DR: Similar to Type BR, these coilovers use a digressive valving design versus the usual linear valving in BR. This means a steep increase in dampening force at low travel speeds with a smoother dampening force at high travel speeds. Typically this provides more support and stiffer ride at slow travel speeds and smooths out at high speeds if you hit a bump or something. Applications should match those of the BR and will be priced slightly higher too.

FullSizeRender 3

Type HR: Similar to Type ER, these coilovers use an 2-way inverted monotube twin-piston design. But unlike the ER, the HR’s external reservoir is not connected to the bottom mount, allowing the reservoir to be placed anywhere via a steel braided teflon coated line. These coilovers also come standard with Swift Springs! Applications are also similar to the ER and can be customized on a case by case bases.

FullSizeRender 2

Type ZR: These are the new top of the line race spec coilovers. 3-way inverted monotube coilovers with external reservoirs and Swift springs standard. Not much else to say except they’re the only way to go if you need a purpose built set of track coilovers.

FullSizeRender 4

BC Racing X Swift Springs 62mm ID Metric Springs: You might have noticed those fresh new Gold Swift Springs on the HR and ZR coilovers. They’re actually a new line of 62mm Inner Diameter springs available exclusively through BC Racing North America. They’re gold because of course and fit perfectly on the mounts for their coilovers (previously 65mm springs were used but there was a 3mm wiggle room). These new springs fit perfectly and also just look great! They’re already up on KamiSpeed.com (because we are awesome), though some specs may be missing. Oh and if you have KSport, D2, or Megan these bad boys will also fit perfectly.


Fortune Auto

Right before the 2015 SEMA Show Fortune Auto debuted their new 510 Series coilovers with their awesome Concave Flow Digressive piston. Not only that but a preview of their Air Piston Lift System was also debuted.

510 Series: The new 510 Series coilovers stands the same as their previous 510, but use a new Concave Flow Digressive piston design. So what do all these big words mean? It means a higher range of dampening and compression adjustment, and ultimately means that revalving has become a thing of the past; the initial valving setup has such a wide range of adjustment that pretty much all spring rates from low to high will work. To the point where you can over power the spring rates from the valving alone.


Air Piston Lift System: Previewed right before the SEMA Show, the new Air Piston Lift System by Fortune Auto replaces their previous Muller Cup system. While they may seem like the same old air cup system, their new lift system has been completely redesigned to be superior. With a minimal diameter, these air cups will work with most applications that were previously impossible. The Cups have a 2 inch range allowing the aired up setup to be 2 inches higher all around with a minimal loss in ride comfort. The Cups come in a full set of 4 with a small 2 gallon air tank and a VIAIR compressor. The kit is sold alone, with Swift Springs, or with as a complete kit with 500 Series coilovers.


KONI Shocks North America

Koni X Eibach Collaboration: Remember how the Koni Sport 1145 and STR.T shocks came as kits with H&R Springs? Well Koni has now exclusively signed with Eibach to include their Pro Kit Springs with their these two shock kits. So if you order the STR.T Kit or Koni Sport Kit expect a set of Eibach pro kit springs rather than the previous H&R Springs.



Mazda Miata Roadster MX-5

We saw a few examples of the new MX-5 at the SEMA Show. Japan got their hands on one before anyone in the US so they’ve been quietly developing parts for the car. Only problem is the JDM model comes with a 1.5 L motor rather than the 2.0 L for the USDM. In terms of chassis components you can expect the same parts, maybe some changes in springs rates though. But for now hold tight, though if you are in a hurry… Tein, HKS, and Cusco all have coilovers which could do with slightly stiffer rates.



Kami Speed 10-year Track Samurai T-Shirt


In case you haven’t heard, we are kind of a big deal these days. As such we decided to pass down the torch to our loyal, smart, and dapper customers by offering the first of many T-Shirts from our own personal Kami Speed label.

Kami Speed 10-Year Track Samurai T Shirt

These Tees symbolize out 10-year Track Samurai status as one of the industries leading online retailers. Show us some love and let us know what you think fam.


Kami Speed 10-year Anniversary T-Shirt Competition


In celebration of our 10-year Anniversary we are having a little competition. We have a new celebratory Kami Speed T-Shirt coming along but would like our second design to be up to our customers. The competition is for the best T-Shirt Design, we will filter through all submissions to pick the top 5 and allow our wonderful and loyal customers to vote for their favorite. From there we will have the T-shirts made in time for Wekfest MIA.

Oh and we forgot to mention, the design winner also receives a free GoPro HERO4 Session Action Camera! So start working on your designs and have your submission in by November 13th.

For more information follow @KamiSpeed and @KamiSpeed10Year on Instagram or if you still have more questions email me ( saku@kamispeed.com ).

Good Luck Everyone!

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 2.13.42 PM

NEW Limited Edition SSR SpeedStar 71 T-Shirt

Celebrating SSR’s founding in 1971, the Vintage style SpeedStar artwork on symbolizes the original SSR culture.  Show your pride in authentic, quality wheels while keeping cool in this SSR SpeedStar 71 short-sleeved t-shirt. Available in sizes ranging from small to double extra-large. These t-shirts are a limited run so make sure to place your order before they are gone!